Clean up basswood
Resolve Maple with Francis
Split Firewood
Clean up new fallen tree

Build pole beam enclosure to replace Percola
~patio stone floor or Concrete
~Outdoor Kitchen
~Fence and Gate

General repairs
~Mold due to snow accumulation at stairs
~Regrade back yard to permit drainage
~Gate installed by chicken coop
~Fencing around upper garden
~Fencing around side garden

Landscape Percola
~Road to circle
~Raised Bed
~Order richters,

Storm Shelter
~Storm Door
~Roof Design?

Fire Harden Residence
~Patio stone edge
~Replace siding with concrete board
~Steel roofing and siding on sauna and shed
~Replace cedar deck with concrete board, coat
~skirt around deck to prevent ash from entering under
~make window inserts

Chicken coop clean up
~remove or install coop
~remove right side pen

Finish Grotto
~insulate roof

Drywall Garage