Stories for my Grandchildren

Stories for my Grandchildren; use the pop down on the menu to navigate stories about Buster Bear, Peter Rabbit and Jimmy Skunk.

Grandfather Frog

The Stories of Grandfather frog and his tadpole children shown in the picture, Grandfather frog is an old frog that likes to eat flies, sit on his lily pad and give advice, hear his stories

Old Mr Toad

Old Mr Toad has had allot of adventures that you are sure to enjoy. Hear all about his adventures

Grandfather tells a few of his own stories

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather busting sod on the open plain near Morris Manitoba around 1915 building the first roads across virgin Canadian prarie

The attack of the beaver, why grandfather loves blueberry pie, the day the golden eagle almost flew off with his young son, all of tall grandfathers tales that are not tall tales are just one click away.