Citizen Keeping track of Dad

In fact I took almost 2 years off, after 6 weeks I was denied paternity benefits as it was not legal for men to stay home at the time. Lawyer-ed up but could not afford to not work, when the gulf war happened I quit the defense factory and continued to stay at home without benefits. A Lawyer named Shalom Schactner won the case 2 weeks before my claim ran out. I was finally paid but was only eligible for 2 weeks of benefits (4 week waiting period) and became the second man in Canada to get paternity benefits, Shalom being the first.

I suppose they will issue a stamp in our honor some day, when pigs fly and white men get equality and social justice I suppose. #Men Too (lighten up baby, I am joking, you won. Its a women of colour world now, and now you will learn we had no power after all. Their never really was a glass ceiling for women, it was a glass ceiling for all of us, the 99%, its a class war not a racial or gender war, all that wasted effort)

A meeting with Murray Bookchin at a conference in Toronto motivated me to run municipally. Glad I did it, glad I did not win!