Clash of values

To have peace you must make peace with your enemy. To make peace only with your friends is to avoid the issue, and to permit a great principle to become absurd.

Wendell Berry, “A Statement against the War in Vietnam”, The Long-Legged House (1969)

The noise is deafening, Critical Theory in all its forms is Marxist theory. Marxism that is critical of “Western values” which are Enlightenment values. Those values are free inquiry, the scientific method, the central importance of the individual.

Our strength is not diversity, we will not solve the problems of the world by flooding our country with immigrants for political purposes. We need to fight the real fight which is to extend the concept of universal human rights, and to match the “globalisation” of production by the globalisation of a common standard for justice and ethics”.

Reason, religious liberty, free expression, democracy, and individual rights is what the “west” should remain focused upon. These ideas are intelligible to anyone, and that is why people want to come here.

These principles should—and ultimately will be observed around the world if we recognize their value and work toward them without corporate distractions of race, gender, NFL sports, and abortion.

”This quote is a mash-up of text from “America, Afghanistan, and the Contrarian” by Christopher Hitchens