Clinic Visit Aug 2023

Questions for clinic visit Aug 2023

Weight: 105kg
B/P: 130/79
Adema: Intermittent, worse after standing long days
Activity: Good, active

1: Are there any irregularities in my bloodwork from last visit?

2: Dialysis starts with a GFR of 15, I am at (23-22) what other markers indicate dialysis before that time
-Albumin 36 from 40
-Protein in Urine
-Creatine 250 from 237
-Uric Acid 512

3: My transplant induced EBV flucuates between 2000 and 12000, largely depending on my exposure to the sun. Dr Fairhead has said my medically induced EBV at 12,000 is not a barrier to another transplant. Is that the consensus in the department?

4: I am on 4 mg of Tacrolimus, the guidelines indicate that it should be 5 to 7 (Reference Guidelines) Would my kideny last longer at 7mg

5: Normal regime for transplant drugs is a 3 drug regime, I am on a two drug regime due to the medically induced EBV. Would the kidney have a better chance of survival with a third anti rejection drug?

6: I have a donor for a kidney transplant, when would the testing for the donor and myself begin?

7: Based upon your considerable expierience how often do you see a person remain stable in my condition?

Do you consider my condition stable?

8: Forxiga 10mg, I was on briefely but I felt confused and bloated after 2 days, generally anxious about side effects. Is there an alternative dose, any other input, strategies, comments on this drug. Dr Fairhead said it could/would extend my kidney life.

Jardiande: discussed with Findley Creek Paul Lee

Trial at 10mg Jardiande or 5mg Forxiga

Effective GFR 40 to 20

Follow up after requested.

9: Should i try the drug again? At what dose? How much followup is required? Best time of day?

10: Whats the difference between Creatine 250 upward trend and Creatine in Urine 7.9 check trend down

11: Laparoscopic Cyst Ablation, due to pain in kideys, intermittently i have pain, what are the size of my cysts, would LCA help with the intermittent pain? Ultrasound for size of cyst?

12: Calcium Citrate, 2 x 300mg took for a few weeks created severere cramps and constipation. So I stopped and increased my milk and cheese. In normal range now.