I am Weird Sly Kip, of no particular importance to anyone other than a few, one of whom I married, a couple are my children and of course my grandchildren. I have a circle of friends and acquaintances all of whom will get along fine without me. With no accreditation in anything other than tooling engineering, no formal degrees, I have never been published or peer reviewed. I am not a member of any political parties, associations or clubs that I can think of.

This site is composed mostly of essays I could have handed in at high school if I had the interest back then. I have no followers other than my dog and he is on a leash. I do not want “likes”, “tweets”, nor do I particularly want your comments. I would like you to think and you cannot do that unless you disconnect for at least a few days.

This site is simply a collection of notes for me, for handy reference. If you somehow stumbled here I hope you find my thoughts of some use, if for nothing else a random distraction until fate changes the course of your life forever. Until then, all the best

I am Indebted

To my sweetheart, I owe my life, I would have given up a long time ago but for her holding my hand.

I was smiled on by a stranger

It changed my life, blessed to recieve a kidney to be nurtured back from the edge and live every day knowing that….jeepers creepers beekeepers, this a great place to be….alive.

Thank-you Stranger

I am a Grandfather

The websites is about story time for my 3 grandchildren.

I am an Agrarian

When possible I am on my tractor, in the forest or rooting though the soil. I hope to die in my garden, with my work boots and “farmer pants” on picking beetles off my potatoes. Falling face first to the ground, just cover me over and plant an oak tree, a willing descent.

I was a Toolmaker

Starting in 1978 apprenticed as a tool and die maker and then tool designer, worked in the telecom, defense and product development industries for over 40 years. I am an expert in the design and building of tooling that makes plastic, metal and die cast parts.

I love injection moulding, this is art at the highest level

I was a Business Owner

I founded, managed, grew and sold a successful tool and die importing company that had offices in Ottawa, Shenzhen and New Delhi. I have traveled around the world 20 times and experienced Hong Kong when it was free.

I respect courage

As the world burns around us we need to look to those who speak truth to power. Hans and Sophie Scholl represent humanity at its best.

It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.
Acts, IX. 5.

May you rest in peace.

This is an Oasis

No cookies, feeds, solicitation, no tracking, no social monitoring, I have nothing to sell.

I am not trying to understand you, sort you, and then sell you as an anonymous block that behaves in an easy to understand, predictable manner. The more of a digital exhibitionist you are; the more feeds you read, the more you are sorted and sold.

The medium is the message, and the media…

[shh don’t look behind you…. it may be beneficial to be on guard. It’s good to be looking [not now] around and see who’s following you and what’s happening. Not everybody is trying to get you, but some may.]

It is possible to live a very happy digital space without Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft; the unfettered world is all just one click away. It is your click we are waiting for. Linux awaits.