Covid Adverse reaction?

After 3 Pfiezer Covid vaccines I was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism. I was in the hospital for a week due to the embolism and then an additional 3 weeks due to a mistake made by a careless nurse. My total stay one month

Before my first shot I was complaining about shortness of breath as I was increasing my activity level, after each shot the shortness of breath became worse. That story here

My Pulmonary Embolism occured 24 hours after my third vacine. In the hospital I was told that an adverse drug reaction report had been filed. I have no receipt, reference number or documentation of any type to indicate that this indeed happened. I suspect they were just pandering to my concerns by telling me a report had been filed when none was filed.

I am a sick puppy: Immune comprimised.
Kidneys: Poly-cystic Kidney diseased Kidney
4 years Post Transplant GFI <24 / Protein in Urine / metabolic Acidosis
Transplant induced Epstien Barr Virus; Chronic, active viremia, checked monthly
Wednesday Sept 15 2021: Third Covid dose, (Pfizer) upon return home extreme shortness of breath, gasping for breath.
Thursday Sept 16: Extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, panting for air.
Friday September 17: temperature 38.8, Severe chills, headache no appetite, dry coughing, wheezing was apparent Blood pressure elevated 166/81 P75, Very weak, very tired. Family doctor advised to rest and see it things clear in a few days. Later that evening blood oxygen 85.
Saturday September 18: extreme shortness of breath continues along with oxygen levels low 85. Tele-health advised go to emergency due to shortness of breath, low oxygen and muscle pains.
Sunday September 19 admitted to hospital “unprovoked” pulmonary embolism Doctors said they made an adverse drug report
October 17 1 month later Released from Hospital
1: I understand the value of vaccines. I am pro vaccines!
2: My family doctor, nephrologists and pulmonary specialist tell me to go ahead with the 4th dose of vaccine.
3: My FEAR based upon experience is that the 4th Covid shot will kill me.
2: I FEAR Doctors are reluctant to Report or diagnose vaccine reactions as this might make them look like vaccine deniers.
3: While hospitalized for a PE and DVT I was told a Vaccine Adverse Event Report was made but no evidence of that report exists despite a 30 page summary of my stay from the hospital at release.

A year went by and I was convinced that I needed another vaccine. When I stating my history of my reaction to Covid Vaccines the clinic refused to give me a 4th shot without a letter from a doctor.


1: Mistake by clumsy nurse

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2 Shortness of Breath

My goal after transplant was to run in the transplant Olympics in the 400 meter sprint. I did it in high school when it was the 440 yard dash and thought it would be a good goal for my 65th birthday. With that in mind I was always noting my distance walked and time, always trying to improve and recording the results.

When I got to being able to walk 3 or 4 km I started running short distances. With this I reported shortness of breath to my doctor, I did not have any endurance, a series of test, stress test, EKG, lung capacity all showed normal function and I should continue to run.

Before the first shot in the spring I was optimistic about my gardening and for the first time since my transplant I started bedding plants, lots of bedding plants, my garden is large and I had the energy to plant and tend the garden for the first time in years.

After the first shot I could now just walk around my 1km block when days perviouslay I could run half way and walk half way.

After the second shot I was out of breath after walking 3/4 of the way and the last quarter was a struggle. I remember trying to plant leeks and taking 5 at a time, planting them, then resting for 5 minutes, repeat. It took all day.

After the third shot I was hospitalized.

A year after I was released in 2021 I was working in my yard putting down small patio stones, a large 2 car walkway, it took all summer but it gave me allot of strenth to do that much exercise. My strengh was returning.

I am afraid to take another covid shot and be bumped back to where I was after the first and second shot.

3: Report on adverse reactions and you are a trouble maker. When I was in the hosptial in 2021 and you went to google scholar and googled “adverse pulmonary embolism covid reactions” you got 4 responses. Today if you do the same thing you get thousands of responses. Lacking research, combined with the general backlash to vaccines, and doctors taking a science high ground, anyone who thinks they are having a reaction is a hysterical. Understandable, maybe it was my destiny to have a PE with DVT that day and the vaccine was just a co-inky dinky.

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