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Deism asserts that God is; because creation is. This is a rational working hypothesis, derived thru reason and logic not by revelation. To a Deist religion separates one from God.

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Traditional Media, from mass media to news media, have always been used to create division and further the needs of the ruling class. Radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, journals were primarily delivery systems that lacked the ability to effectively dissect the audience.

The technological revolution in media is that now not only does media disseminate information and entertainment on a plurality of platforms from videos, text, advertisements, music, podcasts, audiobooks, virtual reality, or digital art, but now it has the ability to monitor and categorize the audience for further manipulation. And it can do this with incredible precision.

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For a Digital Deist revolting against authority is a prerequisite; violence ineffective, bringing on a storm of suffering, is easily countered and has unintended consequences.

The underlying solution to our current problems is active involvement in changing tax laws and a peaceful, generational reduction in our population.

Digital Deism leads you to understand technology, turn your back on digital monitoring and encourages you embrace an intelligent use of publicly owned technology to bring about change by motivating large numbers of people to work in unison towards our common good.

The following Digital Deist confession of understanding is stylized after the Schleitheim Confession (1527). A new confession every 500 years is in order.

Digital Deism Doctrine published January 2022

1: Education of Children
Children should be educated in the holy trinity of Science, Reason and Direct Experience. Baptism or indoctrination in any unverifiable belief is harmful. No one died for your sin, no original sin, your only obligation is to think and not submit to nonsense, their are no prophets.

2: Critical Thinking
A Deist follows a path of Critical Thinking. To those who fall into spiritualism, paganism, christianity, islam, buddhism, native spirituality or worship of unverifiable idols we should once, twice, three times encouraged them to think critically. Teaching moments are precious, no one should be openly disciplined; there is no final recourse other than further encouragement towards honest inquiry and a search for facts.

3: Breaking of Bread
Food is to be shared, children fed first, then the poor and disillusioned. Participation in the feast of life is to be a communal joyous affair. All are entitled to work and share in the fruits of their labour equally. All communities are intentional, ours currently intentionally allows for slight of hand by the hidden hand of the market to the benefit of those who own the largest corporations. Our intention must change to be the happiness of our community members.

4: Separation from Evil
We work towards an economy based in municipal community where corporations are separate from the state. We have minimal association with national and international corporations that are not cooperatively owned. Every effort should be made to work for a fair and just tax system that eliminates large concentrations of wealth. This is not done by taxing wealth but rather thru a tax system that disadvantages those who are already extremely wealthy, the trans national corporations, the billionaires, and you do it by favoring small businesses thru our tax laws.

5: Pastors in the Church
There are no pastors of the church. Religion is a barrier not a path. The path is Science, Reason and Direct Experience. Teaching and learning is our prayer. There are no sacred texts; no revelation. There is only our current understanding of the universe based upon facts that are repeatable and verifiable. There are no miracles as the laws of nature are not refutable.

6: Guns, missiles and land mines – nonresistance
Violence must not be used unless in self defense; even then as a last recourse. The way of nonviolence is to create a parallel economy, based upon appropriately scaled private enterprise. Bank reform is required. A Deist does not pass judgement on worldly disputes but rather seeks positions in the legislature, as magistrate, police, or any other position of power and influence to further the cause of non violence and to lead by example.

7: Oaths and Prayers
No oaths should be taken; Blind obedience to a State, a religion or ideology is irrational. The alternative to an oath is complete honesty. When a person bears testimony, they are testifying about the truth and the present, whether it be good or evil. God does not answer prayers, but a prayer can direct us and give us peace:

A suggested meditation

“Keep me from superstition, I am not so gross to imagine, I can direct the infinite in my favour, but I can commit to goodness of heart, honest sincerity, and conduct that improves the lot of those I encounter. I will extend kindness to all.

8: The Deist premise
Nature in all its varied forms arises from the action of a few simple principles that converge with accelerating force towards a comprehensive law to which all matter submits. [Babbage] Our role is to be happy and seek understanding of the laws. God is not a wishlist of words describing a human like ghost that answer prayers or anoints a human to speak on his behalf, he has no revelation other than the mathematical personification of creation. Faith is not an option.

9: Digital Technology
Rapidly evolving digital technology has lead to the aggressive collection of personal information by many Corporations and States. This has led to a erosion of freedoms, privacy and widespread manipulations of opinions. A digital Deists tunes into the manipulation and drops out of using commercial networks, applications and social media. Digital Deists create their own media, their own networks and strive for freedom. They also recognize the only applicable area worthy of attention for an activists are Tax Law and Overpopulation. All other issues are derivative.

10: The Laws are forever
All flesh is grass, and all its beauty withers and fades, but Deism stands forever. Of course if circumstances change and its obvious through scientific inquiry and analysis that the confessions need to be changed. Change them. There are no sacred truths only desecrated facts.

I am weird sly kip a Digital Deist.

A comparison between the Schleitheim Confession and the Digital Deist Confession

Schleitheim ConfessionDigital Deist Confession
Baptism is administered to those who believe that Christ has died for their sinsChildren shall be educated in the holy trinity of Science, Reason and Direct Experience
Members who sin should be openly disciplined and banned as a final recourse.Teaching moment are precious, there is only encouragement towards honest inquiry and a search for facts.
Only those baptized can take communion of the Body of Christ.We work towards a separation of corporations from the state.
The community shall have no association with those who remain in disobedience and a spirit of rebellion against God.A Deist should live with discipline and walk in the way of Science, Reasons and Direct Experiences
All elders must teach, read Scripture, disciplining, applying the ban, ect.There are no pastors of the church. Religion is a barrier not a path
Violence must not be used in any circumstance.Violence must not be used unless in self defense; even then as a last recourse.
No oaths should be takenNo oaths should be taken; Blind obedience to a State, a religion or ideology is irrational.
The Bible is sacred There are no sacred truths only desecrated facts.
Obey the rules of manDeists create their own media, their own networks and strive for freedom.