Everything you always wanted to know about Transplants but were afraid to ask

There are lots of good reasons not to use, trust or reference anything by Wikepedia; lies, random revisions, lack of fact checking, lack of balance, blatant bias and posting by unscrupulous individuals with a political, economic or religious bias. But those reasons would also rule out CNN, the CBC, NBC and the whole publish or perish ethos of medical and academic writing. The point is research never uses one source only. So with that out of the way here we go.

Chronic Active EBV If your doctors make the rookie mistake of giving you an EBV+ Kidney when you are EBV-, the outcome can be poor, more on that here. More can be found here Chronic EBV. Chances of getting a number of cancers is also greatly increased. My risks of getting EBV was 100%, I was told it was 1% and the risk to get a serious lymphoma had a hazard ration of 8. As well the risks have been well studied and procedures were published in 2012.

Dialysis , ‘loosening or splitting’) is the process of removing excess water and toxins from the blood when your kidneys can no longer perform these functions naturally. Wikipedia article here

Epstein Bar Virus (EBV) The kidney I received had a common virus called EBV.

Hazard Ratio A hazard ration of 2 means you are 2x more likely to be at risk. So if the risk was 1/100, before the event, and the event has a hazard ration of 2, 2×1=2/100 after vs 1/100 before. Read more about the hazard ratio by following the link. When comparing conflicting studies use the Hazard ratio.

Immune Suppression Your immune system is suppressed when you recieved a new kidney, more on that here

Informed consent You will be allowed to make the decisions they lead you to, until a mistake is made, then it was your idea all along. Yes I have grown cynical. A detailed explanation of Informed consent can be found here.

Kidney Transplantation by Shogik Abramyan; Matthew Hanlon.
Last Update: May 9, 2022. While not a Wikipedia article this is an excellent up to date overview of all the issues from a reputable source

Kidney Transplantation the genuine Wikipedia article found here.

Lymphomas If you have active EBV from a serology mixup at transplant you are more susceptible to lymphomas,

If someone on the hospital staff had taken 5 minutes and searched Google scholar and just read the first 4 abstracts, they would have saved us all much time, aggravation and a possible trip to oncology.

Non Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Just having a transplant increases your risk of NHL from about 1/400 to 1/150. For more on Non Hodgkin Lymphoma; ( NHL ) follow the link.

Post Transplant Lympho proliferative Disease (PTLD) PTLD is one of the nastier forms of Lymphomas, for more on PTLD follow the link

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