Hey Fatso!

“Stressed? Yeah I know; to much on my plate.”

“So fat; woke up on both sides of the bed?”

Yup, your fat. your body is designed to store excess calories. Its how you got here. We are in a time of plenty and you need to be eat less. Not complicated. Sadly it is made complicated by people who want you to eat a bag of french fires when 10 pieces will do. Those people control the data you see thru advertising. Unless you break free from the mind control the fat ass will follow you. Always.

The ordinary [fat assed] person senses the greatness of the odds against him even without thought or analysis, and he adapts his attitudes unconsciously. A huge passivity has settled on industrial society. For people carried about in mechanical vehicles, earning their living by waiting on machines, listening much of the waking day to canned music, watching packaged movie entertainment and capsulated news, for such people it would require an exceptional degree of awareness and an especial heroism of effort to be anything but [fat] consumers of processed goods. [with the resulting fat ass or pot belly]

Marshall MacLuhan 1951 The Mechanical Bride : Folklore of Industrial Man

These are the findings of a fat slob.
manageable steps

These are the findings of a fat slob.

I made many trips to Hong Kong and there I was known to my associates as either the Hong Kong Giant, I am 6’4″ or Fai Gwai Lo. Fai means Fat, Gwai Lo a derogatory term used by Asians to describe white people, it means white ghost. To ghost a person is the ultimate insult in China.

So I speak from experience, in my 20’s I was 95kg riding a bicycle. In my 30’s 100kg working in shops, in my 40’s 105 working in a design office and in my 50’s as an executive I went from 105 to 120kg. One day I realized I was in front of a buffet almost all the time.

I am now 105kg going for 100kg. It took me years to get to be a fat slob and now after 6 months of effort I am no longer obese and am working my way out of overweight.

This is my take on it.

According to the science of it all if you have these 3 health characteristics and are obese, your doing fine, your healthy and have no worries:
~Systolic BP 130 or less without medication
~A waist to hip ratio of 1.03 or less for men and 0.95 for women
~No diabetes

But the odds of you being obese and having a waste to hip ratio of 1, and low blood pressure is pretty small.

How to become fat like me….
1: Eat way in excess of what is needed.
2: Eat the wrong types of refined foods, sugar, icing, fried foods.
3: Embrace stupidity, ignore the consequences.
4: Listen to advertisers, your fat is your identity, your inner beauty shines thru, fat people can be healthy as well, my body, my choice, your vision of beauty is not the same as mine. My fat ass is a cultural icon.

~One day I did not want to be fat.
~One day I wanted to reduce my risk of heart disease, stroke and cankles.
~One day it did not matter why I overate.
~On that day, I started on my path back to a normal weight.

~Then I avoided fried and sweet foods.
~Then I controlled portions.
~Then I stopped seeing food as entertainment
~I was fat as long as I wanted to be fat.

It took me years to get fat, it took a year to get into the habit of not overeating and losing all the weight I accumulated. You can easily and safely loose half a kilo a week, so you can easily loose 50 pounds in a year.

Chill, its fun to watch the fat roll off.

Manageable steps

Step 1 Admission: My first step in the right direction was to admit I was a fat gluttonous slob. I eat much to much; habitually gorged myself to the point of an expanded stomach to accept excessive calories. Get in the habit of saying
-“No thank you, I am fat and I am trying to loose weight”
-“No thank you I am trying to control my portion size because I am fat
Guilt is not the issue, its just stating out loud what everyone who looks at you thinks every day, all the time.

It is not an eating disorder to want to be a normal weight.

Identification of the problem is the first step.

Step 2: Paradigm shift Suddenly fat acceptance was an obscenity. Fat pride and fat empowerment to me just became a bunch of fat, lazy, narcissists.

Its easy to just continue to eat and shit obscene amounts of the earth’s resources. Only a completely self centred fool would confuse the struggle for social justice and equality with their continued over consumption and gluttony.

Fat Shaming? Damn right and thank you to all the people who shamed me. The people who did not care were the ones saying “be comfortable in your own skin”. Turns out the ones that loved and cared for me “shamed” me.

What Bullshit you say; “I am comfortable with the way I look”, “my body I can do with it what I want”! “No one will tell me what beautiful is” How true, and how low we have sunk. How can you be comfortable if your fat, out of breath, always stuffing your face and having people laugh at you behind your back. And believe me they do, behind your back, Fat Shaming, you should be so lucky to meet someone so honest.

The messaging on all media is if you want to be a fat slob, good on you, its your identity. Why eat 10 french fries when you can eat a whole bag. Your fat, your fat attitude, it is part of the business plan and fat profits that you will never see, except of course in the grotesque belly you lug around or the fat ass that follows you everywhere.

Managing your weight

This is the progress I made controlling my food intake. My weight loss stopped and I have recalibrated my intake. That means less food. I went from over 118 to under 104Kg in about 6 months by following the hamburger diet. Simply controlling portion size.

January 2023118.2kgObese
February 2023116.0kg
March 2023113.5kg
April 2023110.2kgObese
May 2023108.1kgOverweight
June 2023105.9kgStable
January 2024104.0kgBMI 26.3

To Manage anything you need a process and measurements, with that you can manage anything, including your weight.

Step 3: Tooling up

Tools you need
~a scale for the food going in.
~a scale to weigh yourself daily.

The process is to weight yourself every day and for a while at least weight what you eat and write down everything you eat. Do not fuss about accuracy of calories at this point. Round off to 100, its okay. You are trying to establish the habit of weighting yourself and keeping track of your consumption. Become aware. You should see a pattern. Take your time with this stage, weight yourself and write down what you eat for a few weeks at least before moving on to step 5.

Step 4: Recognize 100 calories, you get to make the 100 calorie decision 15 or 20 times a day. Write down everything you eat, until you know what 100 calories looks like. Look it up.

Step 5 The paperwork: Use a form, make a book. I used the following form; your activity and sleep patterns are important to note, you are not going to exercise off your weight you are going to change your eating habits.

Step 6: Calculate your ideal weight, do not worry about this at first, I was fat, I knew it, I knew I needed to eat less. But eventually I needed a target. For example I am a 6’4″ male and should weight something like 100kg and need to eat about 2,000+/- calories a day. I was eating 3,500 so I was 120kg not 100kg. Eat 1500 and the weight falls off fast to about 107kg. Do not get hung up on whether BMI is the best or not, its just a fat persons excuse.

Step 7: List food by calories per gram. Once you have a firm handle on 100 calories make a list of the most common foods you eat as calories per gram. Useful for estimating portion size. If honest you will discover your requirements are something like X and you are eating X+500 or +1,000 calories a day. Its is actually not much, you have habitually over eaten only a few hundred calories with each meal and snacks. It is easy to change if you take it slow. You need to eat satiating, foods that are not hypoglycaemic and slowly reduce your stomach size.

Do not worry about precision, just become aware of the differences, if you consistently don’t measure the oil in the pan, so what. It will become a constant, you will still see a weight loss.

Step 8: Walk. That is it, as far as you can as often as you can, do no other exercise, do not jog, do not do stretching, yoga, weights, nothing, you are not going to exercise your weight off, during the time of weight reduction extreme exercise is counter productive. You need to focus on what you are eating and maintain stability. WALK

Step 9: Drink Water. Try to drink at least 2 maybe 3 litres of water a day. Do not drink calories, colas, soft drinks, alcohol, sugared coffee or tea.

Step 10: Portion Size. Be consistent with portion size, make portions a habit, eat consistently, develop habitual breakfast, lunches and dinners that you enjoy and are about 500 to 600 calories, if that is your target. You are making 100 calorie picks all day.

I made the most progress on the “Hamburger diet”. I love hamburgers, it got me from 120 to 105 before I had to recalibrate. Now before you take a vegan hissing fit; relax its about portion size not hamburgers.

Step 11: Little choices. They make a big difference, One pound is 3600 calories, 500 calories extra every day is 50 pounds a year
A double double vs black coffee daily is 12 pounds a year
A 200 calorie “treat” every day will add 20 pounds a year

Step 12: Food is not a treat. You are not six years old, grow up. The less you eat, the thinner you will be and the less you will need, its a viscous cycle, the only reward to being thin is you need less food.

Perhaps that extra 1500 calories will keep some other starving slob alive somewhere. Think of the good Karma!

Do not give up. You worked really hard to become a fat slob, you have to work just as hard to be a skinny slob.


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Written June 2023, I still do not look great in a speedo but alas, poor me.

Updated Oct 2023 No speedo yet.

Updated Jan 2024 back in the weight loss mode going from 105 to 99, will let you know when I hit the target. Half burgers, raw carrots, lots of water. 99kg for the spring time baby, that speedo is coming!