How to not be a fat gluttonous slob

About diets; what you eat is a personal choice, eat what you like, what feels good. The issue is not what you eat but how much you eat. There are no rewards or punishments, only consequences. You have to want to eat satiating foods and avoid fried and sweet foods. You have to want to reduce your risk of heart disease and cancers, knowing your food choices are the issue. You will be fat as long as you want to be fat. You overeat for a number of reasons, you may need help to uncover the reasons for your overeating, but that is not a reason to continue to overeat. Start the process now.

Time: It took you years to get fat, it will take a year for you to get into the habit of not overeating and loosing all the weight you accumulated. You can easily and safely loose half a kilo a week, so you can easily loose 50 pounds in a year. Chill, its fun to watch the fat roll off.

1: The first step is to admit you are a fat gluttonous slob. You eat much to much. You have habitually gorged yourself to the point that you have expanded your stomach to accept excessive calories. Get in the habit of saying
-“No thank you, I am fat and trying to loose weight”
-“No thank you I am trying to control my portion size because I am fat
Guilt is not the issue, its just stating out loud what everyone who looks at you thinks every day, all the time.
Identification of the problem is the first step.

2: Recognize the fat acceptance movement; fat pride or fat empowerment for what it is, a bunch of fat narcissists who are to lazy to try to improve themselves and want to continue to eat and shit obscene amounts of the earth’s resources. Only a completely self centered fool would confuse the struggle for social justice and equality with their continued over consumption and gluttony. The corporate media, that sells you corporate food control the messaging and want you to be a fat slob, eating their poisons, then needing their pharmaceuticals. You are part of their business plan.

To Manage anything you need a process and measurements, with that you can manage anything, including your fat ass.

3: The process is to weight yourself every day and write down everything you eat. Do not fuss about calories at this point. You are trying to establish the habit of weighting yourself and keeping track of your consumption. Become aware. You should see a pattern. Take your time with this stage, weight yourself and write down what you eat for a few weeks at least before moving on to step 5.

Use the following form or something like it. your activity and sleep patterns are important to note, you are not going to exercise off your weight you are going to change your eating habits.

A book is better than an app for 2 reasons, you have to carry the book, its a burden and will remind you of your commitment, and most importantly apps are not thier to help you, someone is monitoring and manipulating you. Best to not give them more information.

4: Walk. That is it, as far as you can as often as you can, do no other exercise, do not jog, do not do stretching, yoga, weights, nothing, you are not going to exercise your weight off, during the time of weight reduction extreme exercise is counter productive. You need to focus on what you are eating and maintain stability. WALK

5: Calculate your ideal weight, this becomes your target. For example if you are a 6’4″ male you should weight something like 100kg and you need to eat about 2,000+/- calories a day. Not 3,500.

S/heHeightKG LBdailydaily /3
S/he=look in your pants, if you see a dick, your a dick, otherwise a Jane
Height= tape a ruler to wall and measure, also not a choice, binary or fluid.
KG=your target weight range from the mayo clinic calculator
LB=your target converted to pounds, if above your fat. Shut your pie hole.
Daily=the number of calories you need to maintain your target weight, eat this many calories and you will fall to your target weight over time, its a goal, work towards it best you can, but at least you have a goal
daily/3= your target per meal, always try to be below your target

6: Continue to write down everything you eat, but also start to investigate what 100 calories looks like. For example all of the following are 100 calories
50 grams steak or chicken 25 gram brownie no icing
30 grams creams cheese 15 grams peanut butter
10 small wheat thin crackers 1 slice toast and margarine

Do not worry about precision, just become aware of the differences, if you consistently don’t measure the oil in the pan, so what. It will become a constant, you will still see a weight loss if your close to your goal if you are currently way off course.

7: Once you have a firm handle on 100 calories and you have made a list of the most common foods you eat and you know what 100 calories of each weights, start weighting your food into 100 calorie piles. If you are obese and honest you will discover your requirements are something like X and you are eating X+1,000 or 1,500 calories a day. Its is actually not much, you have habitually over eaten only a few hundred calories with each meal and snacks. It is easy to change if you take it slow. You need to eat satiating, glycemic stable foods and slowly reduce your stomach size.

8: Try to drink at least 2 maybe 3 litres of water a day. Do not drink calories, coca cola, sugared coffee or tea.

9: Be consistent with portion size, make portions a habit, eat consistently, develop habitual breakfast, lunches and dinners that you enjoy and are about 500 to 600 calories, if that is your target. You are making 100 calorie picks all day.

10: Little choices make a big difference, One pound is 3600 calories
500 calories extra every day is 50 pounds a year
A double double vs black coffee daily is 12 pounds a year
A 200 calorie “treat” every day will add 20 pounds a year
Food is not a treat, you are not six years old, grow up.