Feminism 4

Fourth Wave Feminism

As the effect of women entering and dominating the workforce no longer had the desired suppression effect the corporate kleptocracy turned to immigration to lower working peoples wages. As second and third wave feminism waned immigrants went from 4% to 20% of the North American workforce. i

Third wavers sought to include different races, simply because they were a growing demographic. Class issues became obvious as millions of landless new immigrants flooded the market and were forced into wage slavery. Alternatively we took the best and brightest from third world countries, mining the brains of the poor to our betterment, simply so we were not burdened with the cost of training scientists.

Sexual orientations went along for the ride to be an effective distraction. Lacking large scale popular support yet still traveling with the momentum of the success of the movement, feminism became irrelevant to the majority of women, other than as another tool of distraction for the corporate class.

The third order of deviation “BIPOC”

In order to keep the women s movement alive the transition with mass media conditioning and support to think in terms of sexual struggles of small groups of people continued. As the struggles became mostly racial and class the term “feminism” lost its relevance to the majority and became completely ineffective in maintaining the achievements of the past.

In a brilliant marketing ploy to try to pull together divergent struggles with nothing in common as was done with LGBTQ groupings, rich academics came up with the term intersectionalityii. Now everyone with a pinch of BIPOC could cobble together a narrative of struggle with their own petty, narcissistic grievances. The term intersectionality became a darling of corporate academia and every gender or race quota hire at universities. Its appeal to the corporate class was as a diversion. The appeal to BIPOC academics is to continue its relevance in a small space at the cost of being irrelevant to the larger community of mostly white women.

Intersectionality wish lists

The challenge of course is that race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics really only intersect when seen from the struggles of overpopulation, mass immigration, unjust tax laws and the use of BIPOC immigrants is the continued colonization of the poor to benefit the ruling classes. Its just to an academics advantage to not point this out and make it just a race issue of whites against everyone else. Race issues are not solvable, take allot of activist resources, and distract the masses from the economic ponzi scheme perpetuated upon them.

The absurdity and self centered-less of the fourth wave was shown when in 2021 a group of A-list (the a not being activist, but rather highly paid) Hollywood actresses black and white, petitioned against tipping waitresses in New York restaurants, arguing it was exploitive and encouraged sexual harassment. Perhaps unsurprisingly, servers shot back that they would like to continue receiving tips, thank you very much. iii That is how out of touch the new wave is with working peoples struggles.

Conservatives never rest

Having lost popular support and having beomce a fringe group the 3rd and 4th wave feminists have alienated all the “reasonable” working women. With that loss religioius conservatives can move on their pro “business”iv, pro “family”v, pro “life”vi religious Twenty-two states passed new laws regulating access to abortion in 2021. At least sixteen states restricted access to abortion in some way while six states expanded access to the procedure.vii

The dangers of fascism

The other more sinister danger is Fascism. Its not that 4th wave feminsim is fascist its not, its just narcissistic, meaninless and moving human rights backwars. The sinister aspect is as Trotsky noted… “fascism becomes victorious, when the state [appears] paralyzed, the police do not exist, the [activists]… could do anything they wanted…no party [was] capable of taking the power. As a reaction came fascism.viii

“Fourth-wave feminism is increasingly authoritarian and illiberal, impacting speech and behavior for men and women. Campaigns around “rape culture” and #MeToo police women just as much as men. As they moved into the realm of farce issues like defunding the police popped up, not as a practical solution but a bizarre attempt to destabilize our society, how will the revolution happen if you have a strong police, we want to crash the white supremacist society.

Am I a bad Feminist?

When The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood had the effrontery to advocate for due process for men accused of sex crimes, her normally adoring feminist fans turned on her. She referred to it in a Globe and Mail essay in January entitled “Am I a Bad Feminist?”ix No Margaret your not a bad feminist, the fourth wave feminsists are not feminists they are corporate stooges and career professors out of touch with women.

Gender: Moving to the 4th quadrant of deviant

In Fourth wave feminism. feminism has completely lost its course and become worse than an irrelevancy. Fourth wave feminism is a viral click activism distraction of meaningless protests, and hash tag movements like #MeToo lacking the basics of due process and advocating “public” lynchings of anyone who does not tow the fascist line. The fourth wave is no longer about justice for the many but rather for the 3rd deviation from normal, the “queer, sex-positive, trans-inclusive, body-positive, and digitally driven.” They create tempests in the teapot, or as they are now called a viral storm on facebook or twtter, which really means they are nothing at all.

As they strive to “deconstruct gender norms” by bullying the majority into thinking that less than 1% of the gender confused are somehow the new normal and the majority forcing changes in pronoun usage, bathroom usage and the definition of winning at sports is, the problem can no longer be social justice. The problem these “feminists” confront is what they see as systemic white supremacy.

Like any good Marxist Fourth wave “feminists” believe there is no feminism without an understanding of comprehensive justice that deconstructs systems of power and includes emphasis on racial justice as well as examinations of class, disability, and other issues. The challenge of course is that most women do not see it that way and have more immediate concerns.

When second-wave feminism burst onto the scene more than 50 years ago it was known as the women’s liberation movement. It celebrated equality and powerfully proclaimed that women were capable of doing everything men did. Today, this spirit of liberation has been exchanged for an increasingly authoritarian and illiberal victim feminism. With every victory, feminism needs to reassert increasingly spurious claims that women are oppressed. For women and men to be free today, we need to bring back the spirit of the women’s liberation movement. Only now it’s feminism from which women need liberating.x

Weird Sly Kip*

March 2022

* A white male whose grandfather was sold into slavery, had his native language stolen, his homeland stolen, arrived as a refugee from religious persecution on his mothers side 250 years ago and economic persecution by Stalinists on his fathers side 150 years ago. Whose ancestors were burned at the stake by Roman Catholic Fanatics, whose people had to wander for 600 years being expelled from one land after another while they practiced non violence for 500 years before Gandhi or MLK were born and who in the 80’s cared for his child while his wife worked because as a women she made more, was unionized and had better benefits and she had a better education. To get benefits I had to sue the Canadian government for benefits, so fuck off with your only BIPOC people have problems. Your BIPOC analysis is racist hate mongering by tenured, privileged, quota hounds.

I feel better now. Thank you for listening.

i Changing demographic of immigrants from 4% in 1960 to 20% in 2020 with a 4% per 10% increase meant a 25% lowering of wages or real earnings, reference here

ii Intersectionality:

  • The concept of intersectionality describes the ways in which systems of inequality based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other forms of discrimination “intersect” to create unique dynamics and effects.
  • All forms of inequality are tabulated and reinforce each other to build a unique narrative of narcissistic struggle that only the sufferer can understand.
  • No one has the right to see things from your imaginary suffering perspective.
  • It all must be addressed simultaneously to ensure that one inequality reinforces the another. For example, having solved the gender pay gap, we now have to include other dimensions such as race, socioeconomic status and immigration status to reinforce the narrative of struggle and justify the tenured positions of BIPOC professors.

iiiWaitresses say back off you A list assholes! https://www.pulselive.co.ke/the-new-york-times/world/waitresses-to-actresses-urging-wage-increase-back-off/hym54qs

iv For a conservative anti feminist Business means large trans national corporations that control academia, the media, the legislatures and put forth a low tax agenda, free trade, deconstruction of the administrative state agenda. Not a small local capitalist agenda but a trans national corporate agenda.

v For a conservative anti feminist Family means market freedom, small government, freedom from government but subservience to large trans national corporations. Purging the “left” from academia, the media and the legislatures. Love God, Guns and hate Gays.

viFor a conservative anti feminist Pro life means, saving Christianity from a low birthrate, Abortion a sign of dying civilization, a solution to divorce rate up 350% since 1962, 69% of African-American births are out of wedlock, 2/3 of the children live in single-parent homes. RU-486 a contraceptive pill as is a human pesticide, The unborn have rights; defund the abortion industry, traditional values, not gays & abortion. fight “Culture of Death”, abortion is greatest evil since slavery

vii States pass regressive laws about abortion https://usafacts.org/articles/states-passed-a-record-number-of-restrictive-abortion-laws-in-2021/

viii ….here fascism became victorious, a wave of radicalism of the masses — of the workers and the poorer peasants and farmers, and of the petty bourgeois class. The state is paralyzed, the police do not exist, the trade unions could do anything they wanted — there was not party capable of taking the power. As a reaction came fascism.

Leon Trotsky Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It (1944)

ix Margaret Attwood letter in its entirely from the globe and Mail Original can be found here: Special to The Globe and Mail
Published January 13, 2018 Updated July 9, 2020

x Another lost quote