Thinkin’ about Gender Shit

Boys and Girls, listen up.

True hermaphrodites

True hermaphrodites are one of the rarest variety of all sexual anomalies. i True hermaphroditism (Intersex) has an estimated frequency of one in 83,000 births (0.001%). ii To flip the coin so to speak there is a 99.999% chance that you are either a boy or a girl. That means you are a he or she, not a they.

Playing games with your identity

Playing games with your identity, being a self absorbed narcissist is a manipulative act. People play roles in order to get what they want, or simply because they are stuck in a negative pattern. Everyone has one form or another of abuse, neglect, or trauma in their lives, its just that some people get on with it and some people make a career out of their self imposed suffering.

Be Kind

When you meet one of the 1/83,000 who are truly hermaphrodite its always appropriate to be kind and considerate. These poor souls are the result of a genetic mistake and deserve our care and understanding. It could have been you, please offer any assistance needed, make every consideration of kindness.

Faking Cancer

If however you come across someone who “identifies” and follows gender trends; a gender poser, a person who on a whim or today’s mood decides to capitalize on the sympathy offered to the genetically abnormal, you are dealing with the type of person who would fake cancer for the sympathy. These are people who mock the true suffering of others for their own selfish purposes.

A true SHIT

For the sake of clarity these people need to be identified and a person who claims to be neither a he or a she, but rather chooses to be an “it” we could use the term “s/he/it”. Because language is fluid and it is convenience sh/he/it can be abbreviated as SHIT. For clarity the term Gender Shit has been coined and in proper usage can be used as a pronoun. For example

You might say “He is a nice person” or You might say “She is a nice person” using gender replacement you might say “That SHIT is a nice person” or “That person is a SHIT” depending on the situation. It would not be appropriate to say “That person is a piece of shit” That implies they are a piece of something, that something being excrement and that would be hurtful and cruel, entirely inappropriate.

Be Kind; even to selfish, confused millennials

A person must be careful in identifying a true hermaphrodite, a genetic mistake, about 1/83,000 births with the Millennial faking a gender bending crisis to appear as a genetic variant to get your attention / sympathy, or playing a power game on your head. To those 1/100 perhaps; of the millennial who are “gender fluid” feel free to call them a SHIT, but to the 1/83,000 be kind.

The Doof

On a sunny day in June 2022


i Krob G, Braun A, Kunhle U. True hermaphroditism: geographical distribution clinical findings, chromosomes and gonadal histology. Eur J Pediatr. 1994; 153: 2– 7. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]

ii “ISNA – How common is intersex?”. Retrieved 2019-05-09.

Someone should Notify Tina Fey that ISNA stands for 2 organizations, the Islamic Society of North America and the Intersex Society of North America. The comedic possibilities are never ending. You see it right. Ted Danson as Mr Mayor being asked to speak at the ISNA….

Ted Danson fielding a question about Gender identity at the Islamic Society of North America convention thinking he is at the Intersex Society of North America Convention. Hilarious.