Close the door behind you

What new immigrants should fight for

Close the door behind you. As an immigrant, if you are unskilled you were brought here to work for 15/hour when a tank of gas for an economy car costs $70 $90 dollars and a modest row house costs $500,000 $625,000.

You were brought here to serve rich Canadians.

If you came as a skilled worker you are perpetuating a system of colonization, except now we are colonizing or mining people, by taking in Doctors and Engineers from the third world we are not paying for the education of our own, a cost saving, and we are taking skilled people from where they are needed.

If you came as a student, you paid high tuition fees, then allowed to stay if you have a job, not for your benefit but for the benefit of rich employers who can use the skills you paid dearly for.

The business class benefits but not the working class from open immigration. As a new immigrant you are working class. By working here and not helping your homeland our immigration policy hurts other countries.

Our population needs to be reduced to protect our wildlife and our cities from continued sprawl and to improve wages for the immigrants who are here. Canada would be in the enviable position of negative population growth without immigration, resulting in:

> higher wages for Canadians, new and old,
>lower housing costs for Canadians, new and old,
>lower recreational property costs for Canadians,
> less congestion in hospitals, on the highways, in the stores,
>less inter-racial squabbles, balkanization, religious concessions,
>less strain from education, housing, wage subsidies to new immigrants
>Lower C02 emissions, fewer animal extinctions, less urban sprawl.

In short, the one thing a new immigrant to Canada should fight for: an end to more immigrants to Canada. We have long passed the point where more people benefit our Country and we need to plan for the coming famine.

Most Growth in population is in Africa

When we welcome people from other cultures, we change our culture in the process, brining in people with 3 wives who expect to have 30 children is not healthy for our planet, or our country. Nigeria’s population has grown from 50 million in 1970 to 216 million in 2020 and the U.N. projects growth to 700 million by 2100. United Nations statistics

From Rev Dr Ibezin
I congratulate Mr Yakassi for the blessings of God upon the family with children and grandchildren from 4 wives. 20 children and grandchildren from one man with 4 wives scores an average of 5 children and grandchildren from one man. …..with a target of making a minimum of 10 children from his wife . Those who achieve this feat automatically become members of the Ewu ugwu society. Nigeria is blessed with abundance of human resources….let us remember our neighbours in prayers who had married also 4 wives without having any issue so that God will bless them with the fruit of the womb.

Canada is a small country with a strip of about 100km wide from East to West that is habitable. Most of Canada (More than 50%) is exposed rock and gravel, about 10% is in the Hudson bay lowlands, 10% opfen water and 10% at 30 to 45 degrees (mountains) in short uninhabitable.

There is an infinite supply of poor in Africa, Asia, India, the middle east and Europe who would love to come to Canada. We simply do not have the space, nor the resources anymore.

Ideas about vast open plains for homesteading are 200 years old

Time to grow up.

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