Rethinking Immigration

Canada as a country of immigrants

In 1970, over 70% of Canadians were “native” meaning their grandparents were born in Canada. Canada was essentially English or French. Canada was not a country of immigrants it was a Canada populated by Canadians of European decent and had been that way for hundreds of years. Unique and distinctive. The total population of “visible minorities” was less than 1.5% of the population of Canada with the tribal people of Canada constituting less than 1.5% of Canadians.

The purpose of mass immigration

Labour rates

There is much conflicting literature on the effect of immigration on labour rates and it comes down to 2 ways of looking at the effects of immigration.
Option 1: Group all people together pooling education levels
Option 2: Look at the effect of immigration, breaking out the effect on groups based on education status.

Option 1 leads you to believe that labour rates are unaffected by influxes of immigrants. You also have to suspend your belief in supply and demand and ignore the wage stagnation since massive immigration started.
Option 2 is more teling, when you break out the population by education into 6 quadrants from PhD level education down to not completed high school you discover that PhD’s have a positive effect on our economy and do not affect the wages of other PhD’s but for the high school drop out, native or immigrant the effect of immigration is to lower wages in proportion to the number of immigrants.

This fact demonstrates the main purpose of immigration. Provide low wage workers for gig economies to serve the upper classes. The following paper goes into detail on this issue


Democracy is a uniquely Protestant European concept. It was not until 1960 that the Roman Catholic Church supported democracy. Islam today still does not. Democracy never developed in Asia, Africa or in North America tribal cultures. The international declaration of human rights is also a uniquely European concept, Islam does not support it and has its own version that has an emphasis on submitting to Allah as opposed to to having a “right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

We are as we have always been engaged in a class war between plutocrats and the working class. And this highlights the second main purpose of Immigration: Flood the country with people who do not share a common heritage of democracy and human rights. This strategy plays into the hands ot those who want a submissive, obedient peasantry to serve the plutocracy.

Cultural Survival

Canada’s Culture of English and French is enshrined in our constitution, for now. This is a unique characteristic of Canada. A population of 25 million Canadians is already diluted by 7 million immigrants since 1970 and the supply of immigrants is endless. Of the 8 billion people on this small planet the breakdown is something like this

RegionPopulatioPopulation Trend
S.E. Asia1,100,000,000growing
Europe1,200,000,000stable but
for immigration
North America1,000,000,000stable but
for immigration
South America900,000,000growing
Canada37,000,000stable but
for Immigration

Clearly the government of Canada has no concern for the unique nature of Canada’s English/French heritage of Democracy as it attempts to bring in a million non English French people from societies that are not democratic.

Why immigrants should complain

Personally I benefit from immigration, when a recent immigrant came to my house wanting 120 dollars to clean my window it was easy to offer him 60 and he took it. Immigrants are cheap labour. I like having cheap labour about. I am established and own real estate and rental properties so every immigrant just drives up my income. I rejoice with every new ambitious worker that gets in. The ones who should be complaining are the immigrants who are here. They are the pool of labour affected the most by more immigrants.