Murdered Aboriginal Women

One Murder is too many

When we look beyond the self reporting surveys of the population of self identified victims, the hysteria and hyperbole, the use of terms like Genocide, and a government commission that spent 53.8 million dollars to make a point we come to just 4 salient FACTS.

~The population of aboriginal and Metis Canadians in 1990
~The population of all Canadians in 1990.
~The RCMP numbers for murdered aboriginal women 1980-2012
~The RCMP numbers for murdered women in Canada on average.

Reference itemCanadian GeneralCanadian Indian
1990 population(*1)23,000,0001,600,000
Average Murders16032(*2)
per 150,0001/150,0003/150,000(*3)
% of population0.0001%0.002%
% calculation(160/23,000,K)*100(32/1,600,K)*100
*1 1990 was used as it is between 1982 to 2012 the RCMP study period.
*2 in 2021 the number of murders dropped by 8 making the % of population difference the same
*3 September 4, 2022, on the James Smith Cree Nation and in Weldon, Saskatchewan, Canada, in which 11 people died and 18 others were injured. This will dramatically change the statistics which is why its erroneous to use such small sample sizes to come to conclusions

1: The RCMP states on average 32 Canadian Aboriginal women are killed per year compared to 160 women in the general population.

2: When comparing populations Canadian Aboriginal women are killed 3 x more often than the general Canadian population.

3: Emotions often escalate beyond facts, when this happens its often difficult to “talk yourself off the ledge”. You become committed to a position, a true believer.

4: As a percentage of the population the murders are 0.002% for Aboriginals vs 0.0001% for the general female population.

5: When a difference between statistics is less than .05% it is often considered too small a difference to draw any conclusions or establish a cause effect relationship. Sometimes that number is .001% if the cohort is large. In a group of 32 a small change makes a big difference in percentage and makes the number less conclusive or not conclusive at all. For example in 2021 the number of murders dropped by 8 making the % of population closer. Yet in September 2022 11 people died and 18 others were injured. This will dramatically change the statistics which is why its erroneous to use such small sample sizes to come to conclusions

6: Some Indians claim 4,000 murdered and missing Indian women. This is due to the work of Maryanne Pierce who found 3329 murdered and missing women of “various ethnic backgrounds”. This number is generally regarded as not reflecting the Aboriginal situation and inaccurate.

7: Going to 5 decimal points to see a difference

When people talk about murdered aboriginal women, its a tragedy. One death is a tragedy. But one death is not a genocide.

As a percentage the number of Aboriginal women that are murdered is so small that it is impossible to make a statistical or definitive statement that the phenomenon even exists.

Most admit is not relevant considering the sample size of the murdered population.

~32 murders (Aboriginal Canadian women) per year vs
~160 murders (General Canadian women) per year.

The question politicians and those interested in a story of oppression fail to look at is, what other cause could lead to a difference of .0019% in a population of under 32 murders. And while it is mathematically true that there is a 3x increase, 2 questions arise. 1: Is it statistically real or an aberration and 2: Is it really about being an Indian or is there some other cause or behaviour that is leading to this difference?

8: So what is the cause of a 3 fold increase in aboriginal women being killed by their spouse. Possibly we can find the answer in the fact that men are 4x more likely to be hit by lightning than women. ( Why? Is there a systemic issue with the conductivity of men? “From 2006 through 2021, leisure activities such as fishing, boating, playing sports, and relaxing at the beach accounted for almost two-thirds of lightning deaths” or are they just fools who disregard the danger signs of thunder? Of course not we never blame the victim, it must be something about lightning.

9: Use of numbers and terms is important. The term Genocide of Indians is also thrown around loosely. To do this you have to ignore the fact that disease and mini iceages affected European, Chinese and African populations at the same rate as Indians and Indian populations are growing in leaps and bounds and have for the last 100 years.


Why pick on murdered aborigional women?

To see an opposing case when a propaganda machine puts forth accepted ironclad solutions is at the heart of my journey towards truth using facts. It starts with facts. Our social engineers will use any group to victimize, to use as a distraction, to create the narrative that serves the purposes of the rich, the ruling class, the people who select and purchase our leaders.

As an example of what we are being distracted from: The homeless, “Visitors to the West Coast may be shocked to find the tents that line cities from San Diego to Seattle. Like a modern-day “Grapes of Wrath,” the tents are a stark reminder of the suffering of the thousands living outside, homeless.”

The loud, apology riddled campaign of guilt and shame is allowing for the distraction and rape of the entire population.The cost is we are not focusing on critical issues of economic justice; our health and the future of the planet. All the while the political class creates diversions and distractions the rich get richer and the poor grow in number. The tears are real, but they are being used by the rich to prevent you from working on the important issues.

Weird Sly Kip September 2022

Its not about aboriginal women.

~End of text~

Table of Aboriginal population 1901 to 1991

YearPopulation Percent change
Source: Statistics Canada



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2 All census numbers from the 2016 Canadian census