Why tolerate Charles III

Charles the Turd; descendant of slavers, murderers, slave owners, pedophiles and rapists, deserving of neither status nor respect


Nature created neither servant nor master;
I seek neither to rule nor to serve.
And its hands would weave the entrails of the priest,
For the lack of a cord with which to strangle kings.

Diderot – co-founder of the Encyclopédie and one of the most notable figures during the Enlightenment:


With the death of Queen Elizabeth we are now blessed with Charles the Third. Charles the first was a tyrant who was executed for treason. Is not being a useless wanker just as bad? Monarchies everywhere are the bastard child of religion. The roots of oppression run deep in all societies.

The Hindu caste system is a form of discrimination and racism. People should not be treated differently depending on the caste that they are born into.

Islamic slavery and the slavery of the Christian Bible is wrong; (Deuteronomy 15:12-15; Ephesians 6:9; Colossians 4:1). Slavery based upon nationality, economics, or social status is wrong.

The Serfdom of Russia; a form of slavery, was so deplorable that a serf had no value or legal recourse. He was sold as part of the land owned by a Russian “Noble”.

The pre colonial slavery in Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines was characterized by wealth measured in people enslaved within strictly hierarchical social relationships,

The British feudal system of “landed Gentry”, Peerage and Royalty is as obscene as the Hindu Caste system, the Christian system of slavery and the serfdom of Russia based upon your birth, racism and oppression.

To overlook the sins of the monarchy is akin to overlooking the sins of the Nazis or Pol Pot. Abolish and Imprison is the only thing to take seriously about the Windor crime family. Indictment and hopefully imprisonment; an execution is a bit much to hope for. Monty python got it right in King Arthur vs Dennis.

With the death of Charles I a vital step towards democracy in Britain was taken. It was a sentence not against one tyrant but against tyranny itself and with his death the main obstacle to the establishment of a constitutional government was removed. Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

The Sopranos have more class

The British “Royal” Family sucks its sustenance from the public, enriching itself greatly at the expense of taxpaying citizens. It operates through a legacy of violence enshrining strict nepotism and unholy alliances.

The Wankers, Pedophiles and sycophants; “inculcates unthinking credulity and servility. It forms a heavy layer on the general encrustation of our unreformed political institutions. It is the gilded peg from which our unlovely system of social distinction and hierarchy depends. It is an obstacle to the objective public discussion of our own history. It tribalises politics. It entrenches the absurdity of the hereditary principle. It contributes to what sometimes looks like an enfeeblement of the national intelligence, drawing from our press and even from some of our poets the sort of degrading and abnegating propaganda that would arouse contempt if displayed in Zaire or Romania. It is, in short, neither dignified nor efficient.
Christopher Hitchens, The Monarchy: A Critique of Britain's Favourite Fetish (1990),

The stench of royalty is an indication of a lack of civilization in a culture. Arrest warrants should be issued for the arrest of the Royal Family should they set foot in Canada. As an institution, it should be completely abolished, any remaining members be imprisoned and forced to work for the remainder of their lives to, in some token way, repay the public for all of these years of financial support. Perhaps by making license plates, or breaking rocks.

A Crime against Humanity

The British Monarchy is a crime wrapped in nostalgia. It exalts white supremacy and racial hierarchy. It justifies class rule. It buttresses an economic and social system that callously discards and often consigns to death those considered the lesser breeds.

So long Chuck; King Charles I was tried for treason after the English Civil War, and was beheaded in 1649. Charles’s head was then sewn back onto his body. Charles I’s ghost reportedly haunts a building in Gloucestershire

White supremacy is humble, if you think you are chosen by God

It is amusing to reflect upon the imperial past of England, Russia or France and the inherent assumptions of superiority that fueled it. The idea that a King or Queen is somehow selected by God would be laughable if it were not so destructive and divisive. The persistence of the Royal Family, and the worshipful attention that it draws from the British public, is the sort of primitive superstitious voodoo that puts to shame any of the animist rituals that the colonial British would have derided as uncivilized.

Say what you will about the Marxist Bolsheviks

Tsar Nicholas II lived a life of luxury as a feudal lord ruling over the peasants of Russia. Peasants had no say; were heavy taxed; had little food, hard work, living at the whims of nobles. The family was executed by Bolshevik revolutionaries on July 17, 1918. It is just to bad they did not get the whole family. The first Queen Victoria, “Grandmother of Europe”: Alexandra Feodorovna (1872-1918), Nicholas’s wife, was Victoria’s granddaughter.

The cries of the millions of victims of empire; the victims of a feudal system born of slavery in 11th century Britain, enslaving the country, then the world in a colonial empire that profited off of the toil of others to the engracement of a few.

The Royal Family is not just an international embarrassment, it represents the taking of precious public resources for the most undemocratic, elitist, and unproductive use. It is not too presumptuous to suggest that maybe we might be able to find more productive uses for that money.

Class struggle defines us, the sooner we realize that elites must be overthrown the better.

Bloody Sunday January 1905 in St Petersburg, Russia, when unarmed demonstrators, led by Father Georgy Gapon, were fired upon by soldiers of the Imperial Guard as they marched towards the Winter Palace to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Bloody Sunday caused grave consequences for the Tsarist autocracy governing Imperial Russia: the events in St. Petersburg provoked public outrage and a series of massive strikes that spread quickly to the industrial centres of the Russian Empire. The massacre on Bloody Sunday is considered to be the start and one of the key events which led to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The paedophile Prince

Though European history is littered with the corpses of royalty, it is littered far more heavily with the corpses of all of the millions upon millions of regular people who toiled in the shadows of grand castles and died in poverty as their taxes paid for the members of one lucky family to live in opulence.

Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse of 16 year old Virginia Giuffre was settled with an out-of-court settlement. Epstein, pictured with the pedophile prince Andrew committed “suicide” while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. The royal family has a long history of trafficking humans for royal profit and pleasure.

The Royal Family did not “work” to acquire its property. The Royal Family did not “work” to acquire its wealth. The Royal Family did not “work” to acquire its prestige.

The royals are leeches, sucking the blood of the population to support of King Charles III with millions of acres of land. British monarchs have in their possession stolen assets in excess of $28 billion.

The British public will provide a $33 million subsidy to the Royal Family over the next two years, although the average household in the U.K. saw its income fall for the longest period since records began in 1955 and 227,000 households experience homelessness in Britain.

The French got it right

The Royal Family is a grotesque relic of a less civilized time. The only just thing for a member of the Royal Family to do is, at age 18, to renounce all the privileges resulting from thier familial thef and spend the remainder of their natural life working feverishly to repay those wronged by thier selfishness. A short list would start with:

~The Royal leeches In 1953, sent three warships, along with 700 troops, to its colony British Guiana, suspended the constitution and overthrew the democratically elected government of Cheddi Jagan.

~The Royal leeches built and supported the apartheid government in South Africa.

~The Royal leeches savagely crushed the Mau Mau independence movement in Kenya from 1952 to 1960, herding 1.5 million Kenyans into concentration camps where many were tortured. British soldiers castrated suspected rebels and sympathizers, often with pliers, and raped girls and women.

~The Royal leeches looted $45 trillion from India over two centuries, violently crushing a series of uprisings, including the First War of Independence in 1857.

~The Royal leeches carried out a dirty war to break the Greek Cypriot War of Independence from 1955 to 1959 and later in Yemen from 1962 to 1969. Torture, extrajudicial assassinations, public hangings and mass executions by the British were routine.

~The Royal leeches admitted to war crimes and paid damages to over 5,000 victims of British abuse during war in Kenya.

~The Royal leeches continually obstruct lawsuits stemming from its colonial history. Its settlements are a tiny fraction of the compensation paid to British slave owners in 1835, once it abolished slavery.

~The Royal leeches are at the top of a caste system headed by the Nazi-loving House of Windsor. It regiments society and keeps people, especially the poor and the working class, in their “proper” place.

Thomas Paine

Paine, the author of the most widely read political essays of the 18th century, Rights of Man, The Age of Reason and Common Sense, blasted the monarchy as a con. “A French bastard landing like an armed bandit and establishing himself as King of England against the consent of the natives.

When the British ruling class tried to arrest Paine, he fled to France where he was one of two foreigners elected to serve as a delegate in the National Convention set up after the French Revolution.

It is time to finish the job, end the monarchy.


This document edited by Weird Sly Kip, the origional text from two sources, Hamilton Nolan and Chris Hedges.

~Imprison the Royal Family and Abolish the Monarchy with some edits, original by Hamilton Nolan

~https://www.commondreams.org/views/2022/09/12/it-time-throw-monarchies-world-dustbin-history Text in italics edited from this link. It Is Time to Throw the Monarchies of the World Into the Dustbin of History Chris Hedges September 12, 2022 by Scheerpost

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