Oh Canada how did you become a Balkanized Nightmare?

Trudeau’s post nation state multicultural dream is now the balkanized nightmare predicted by many.

Unity without Uniformity
The trouble with immigrants
How did this happen


I used to listen to the CBC, it woke me up in the morning, I listened at work, caught the world at six, after with “as it happens” and then listened to Ideas in the evening with Listar Sinclair. A satruday night was not complete without Aurthur Black, and It was part of our national identity, Peter Gzowski, Barbra Frum. Paul Kennedy was a niebour on Tolk lake and I remember hearing his voice echo across the water and on the air.

And then the CBC changed, it started asking questions about “What does it mean to be a Canadian” But never providing an answer, only leaving the feeling it meant nothing, then it was the coverage of Truth and Reconciliation. The only truth about it on the CBC was when the mother of a morning announcer who worked in a residential school said it was nothing like it was being protrayed by the media. She was thereafter shut out of the media.

The voice of the CBC became a voice of division and lies and I stopped listening.

Unity without Uniformity

Canada used to be a country of English and French. Held together by an ideal of peace, order and good government. Tolerance for the other was taught. But it was not blind tolerance but a striving to make a relationship work with give and take. As George Woodcock described it in “the canadians” it was Unity without Uniformity.

Woodcock went to describe canada as Christian but not evangelical, a unity of feeling with a complete lack of uniformity. We certianly did not put “in God we Trust” on our currency and “with a equal amount of sin and salvation” accompanied by ecumencial unification throught the United Church and ecumenical growth in the quite revolution in the 60’s in Quebec. Canada was a monarchy without an aristocracy, a weak federation with strong provinces, we respect the ceremony of Britian without the house of Lords.

It barely worked, Quebec independence was always a threat, the sovernty movement sometimes violent, always present. Yet we were not a nation of diaspora. Before 1970 most of us were born here, in fact before 1970 most of us had grandparents that were born here. We did not wrap ourselves in our flag but we had a common flag. We were Canadians. Not hypehenated Canadians of some Faith, color, country of origin identity, we were just Canadians.


Today many define themselves by a struggle they have brought with them: White vs black, Sikh vs Indian, Russian vs Ukranian, Muslim vs Hindu, Jewish vs Palestinian, Chinese vs Capitalists and the list goes on. Faith, color and country of origin identiteis do not strenthen the nation, they divide the nation.

Everyone is the “other,” and that idea is reinfoced by bizarre rules of conduct perpetuated by online bullies and advocates of political correctness.

The trouble with Immigrants

Canada has a false reputation of being built by immigration, most before 1970 most (+70%)had grandparents were born here. Immigration when it happened has always brought with it the troubles of the immigrant. This is not new.

In 1868 in Ottawa Thomas D’Arcy McGee, one of the Fathers of Confederation is assassinated by a Fenian rebel Irish Nationalist sympathizer named Patrick J. Whelan.

In 1878, Toronto banned the St. Patrick’s Day parade for 110 years after feuding Catholic and Protestant Irishmen turned the event into “one of the wildest nights in the city’s history.”

Cuban embasies in Ottawa in 1966 were subject to seperate bazooka attacks and bombings. In 1971 in Montreal A small bomb goes off at the offices of a trade delegation in Montreal. In 1972 Cuban official Sergio Castillo is killed by an explosion at the Cuban consulate in Montreal. In 1974 ottawa, a bomb explodes at the Cuban embassy. In 1976 in Montreal an explosive device is thrown from a car at the Cuban consulate in Montreal and in 1980 again in Montreal, a large explosion significantly damages the Cuban consulate in Montreal.

In 1970, Front de libération du Quebec terrorists murdered provincial cabinet minister Pierre Laporte in their fight against Anglophone dominance in Quebec.

Armenians killed the Turkish military attaché in Ottawa on the parkway in 1982 and attacked the Turkish embassy in Ottawa in 85. The Armenian Revolutionary Army actually seize the Embassy killing a Canadian security guard.

In 1989 Charles Yacoub, a Lebanese Canadian, hijacks a New York-bound Greyhound bus and drives it to Parliament Hill to protest the Syrian invasion of Lebanon

In 2004 in the United Kingdom Ottawa-native Momin Khawaja, an Islamists plotted to detonate bombs in the United Kingdom. Khawaja was convicted in 2008 under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act.

And of course we have the Sikhs who in 1914, percipitated violent demonstrations preventing the docking in Vancouver of the Komagata Maru, the ship, organized by a Sikh human trafficker carrying Sikh migrants was considered a threat by the local population, and maybe they were right.

Air India Flight 182 on a Montreal–Bombay route, disintegrated as a result of an explosion from a bomb planted by Canadian Sikh terrorists (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_India_Flight_182)

At the same time Narita International Airport bombing kills two baggage handlers and injures four. The bomb was intended for Air India Flight 301, with 177 passengers and crew on board, bound for Bangkok International Airport.[39]

In 1986 in Vancouver an attempt is made to assassinate Malkiat Singh Sidhu by Khalistani terrorists, an Indian cabinet minister, Sidhu is shot and wounded, but survives

In 1998 and 1999 in BC Indo-Canadian Times editor Tara Singh Hayer is shot to death, it was a Khalistani assassination related to reporting on Air india 182

So now, we are a truly multicultural state. Our largest city Toronto is now European minority and we known internaally as a safe haven for terrorist activities. Canadaa is now a center of geopolitical conflicts

~Pro-Palestinian protestors openly demand the boycott of Jewish businesses and call for the eradication of Israel. ~Ideologically-captured Canadian elites parrot propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while it intimidates its diaspora on our soil.
~Sikh separatists in British Columbia hold referendums on Khalistani independence, and India stands accused of assassinating one of the organizers in the parking lot of his gurdwara.

In 2004 in the United Kingdom newly minted Canadian Momin Khawaja, an Islamists plotted to detonate bombs in the United Kingdom. Khawaja was convicted in 2008 under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act.

~April 4, 2023, 29-year-old Ammara Amjad returned to Canada from Syria, and was arrested and charged with: Participating in activity of a Terrorist Group

~April 4 2023 10 Canadian women with children landed in Montreal after being held for years at the al-Roj camp, three of the women arrested upon arrival and released on conditions. Jihad watch

~2018 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada identifies over 190 Canadians abroad in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North and East Africa that have travelled to support and facilitate violent extremist activities, and, in some cases, to directly participate in terrorist acts. RCMP

~The Government is aware of approximately 60 individuals who have returned to Canada from Turkey, Iraq, or Syria that are suspected of engaging in violent extremist activities. A total of 13 individuals have been charged with specific terrorism travel offences. RCMP

To quote

“Canada has become a balkanized grievance factory, and all of us are paying the price. You don’t have to be a Jew terrified to put a mezuzah on their door, a Chinese Canadian being intimidated at the ballot box or a Hindu child bullied by Sikh kids on the playground.”

Instead of exporting human rights and globalizing free speech and democracy we decied to import the people around the world who are struggling to do what we did so well. Live with peace, order and good goverment. Sadly that oppourtunity is gone.

How did this happen

1: It started with the acceptance of Critical Theory over Critical Thinking. Critical Theory is a literary theory not backed by any scientific justification. Critical Thinking is the very definition of scientific inquiry. Science, Technolgy, Engineering and Math are suddenly subservient to political correctness and Woke history.

2: When we started to believe diversity was a strength to appeal to voters to prop up electoral sucess we started to think hard work was priviledge and feminist theory, queer theory, trans theory and gender studies were worthy of university level study. We stupified ourselves

3: The Multiculturalism of Pierre Trudeau in the 1970s and the flooding of 600,000 immigrants a year by Justin Trudeau in 2020’s gave immigrants the upper hand to keep their culture of origin, rather than joining a common one they created a diluted immitation of the third world culture they tried to escape.

4: Politicians created Minority Majorities riding and bought the votes, immigrants loved it: for decades they handily exploited the so-called “ethnic vote” to court communities who could swing a riding or two in their favour.

5: Politicians turned a blind eye to the exploitation of these communities by foreign powers, notably China, Sikh nationalist and muslim extremists as we have learned in the last year.

6: And recently with the rise of monitored and manipulatve madia wew have gone from individuals who value character to individuals who are an imposed identity. We are expieriencing a google / facebook mind control brain washing experiment on a massive scale. We know it as identity politics and it will lead us to corporate fascism.

You categorize yourself for easy manipulation and exploitation, think hutu/tutsi massacre:
~privileged/systemically exploited,
You are being sorted for easy manipulation and the outcome is going to be brutal and first you will believe the absurdities, then you will commit atrocities.

As long as people continue to believe absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities. Voltaire

7: Diversity hire experts armed with advanced degrees encouraged the practice of digital manipulation and exploitation in the name of equity in the workplace, school and political arena — and out of fear of cancellation and job loss, most citizens meekly complied unaware of the complicity of non STEM academia.

8: The cult of shaming Canadians for the wrongs of the past, even though today’s population have nothing to do with the wrongs of the time, much like the wrongs of everywhere in that time. The examples are as varied as Trudeau has apologies, each designed to undermine the majorities feeling of belonging. Rather than focusing on building economic opportunities for all our politicians dwells on slights of the past.


“The result is a nation balkanized along a thousand fault lines. We have not only lost our national identity but are actively repudiating the very things that attracted people to our shores in the first place: respect for peace and good government, human rights, democracy, equal opportunity and personal freedom. We are also eroding our international stature: a country so unsure of itself commands no respect and is even more vulnerable to the whims of great powers.

In an increasingly hostile world, that’s a risk Canada cannot afford to take. United, we thrive; divided, we fall. And the landing threatens to be brutal.