On Being Canadian

Woodcock’s Canada
Canada 1770 to 1970
Irreligious Canada
Most were not immigrants
So what is a Canadian?
What happened in 1971
A Canadian experiment
Multiculturalism 1.0 1770 to 1970
Multiculturalism 2.0 Mismatched Values
Multiculturalism 3.0 2015 Onward
Cargo Cults: Skin colour is not the issue
Reflection on Multi cultural ism

16 (1) English and French are the official languages of Canada and have equality of status and equal rights and privileges…

Constitution act 1982

Canada is constituted as a country of English and French. Held together by an ideal of peace, order and good government. Tolerance for the other was taught; a striving to make a relationship work with give and take. As George Woodcock described it in “The Canadians” it was Unity without Uniformity.

Woodcock’s Canada

Canada is Christian but not evangelical, a unity of feeling with a complete lack of uniformity. We certainly did not put “in God we Trust” on our currency and with a equal amount of sin and salvation accompanied by ecumenical unification through the United Church and ecumenical growth thru the quite revolution in the 60’s. We have a monarchy without an aristocracy, a weak federation with strong provinces, we respect the ceremony of Britain without the house of Lords.

From The Canadians by George Woodcock 1979 pg 244-245

It barely worked, Quebec independence was always a threat, the sovereignty movement sometimes violent, always present. Yet we were not a nation of diaspora.

Two Solitudes

“….we have discovered a great social secret in Canada. We have contrived to solve problems which would ruin other countries merely by ignoring their existence.”

Hugh MacLennan

Two Solitudes is a 1945 novel by Hugh MacLennan. The term two solitudes refers to the lack of communication between English- and French-speaking Canadians.

“Northwest of Montreal, through a valley always in sight of the low mountains of the Laurentian Shield, the Ottawa River flows out of Protestant Ontario into Catholic Quebec. It comes down broad and ale-coloured and joins the Saint Lawrence, the two streams embrace the pan of Montreal Island, the Ottawa merges and loses itself, and the main-stream moves northeastward a thousand miles to sea.”

From Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan ©1945. Published by New Canadian Library.

In 2005 the Haitian born Governor General of Canada declared:

“The time of the two solitudes that for too long described the character of this country is past…. Canadians must eliminate the spectre of all solitudes and promote solidarity among the citizens of the country, offering up a picture of harmony to the rest of the world.”

Governor-General Michaëlle Jean 2005 The Globe and Mail

While this sounds lovely what our Govenor General is saying is “two solitudes for too long” meaning English French for too long, but that was Canada, and that we must “promote solidarity”, sure, we must but how? It did not work with 2 linguistic groups, how will it work with 10 or 20. Show me a historical example, and you can not. Which means this line of thought, multiculturalism is not Canada, there must be something else to bind this country together and that is the problem.

Pierre Trudeau identified that thing as shared values, unfortunately all those arrive do not share the values that were Canada,

Canada 1770 to 1970

For over 200 years Canada was 98.5% European. Canada’s reputation and place in history was defined over those 200 years. Canada was prosperous because of abundant natural resources, a small and irreligious population. Canada was built not on faith but on science and because of science we prospered. In fact every advanced culture on this planet is advanced because of science, every backward culture backward because of an adherence to faith based teachings.

Irreligious Canada

The most striking characteristic about Canadians in the late 1970’s was how irreligious we were. As a population that was 98% European we were 79% either atheists, agnostics, humanists or deists.

With a focus on values of the enlightenment; human happiness, the pursuit of knowledge obtained by means of reason and the evidence of the senses, and ideals such as natural law, liberty, progress, toleration, fraternity, constitutional government, and separation of church and state we prospered.

Most were not immigrants

Before 1970 70% of Canadian citizens were born here, in fact before 1970 most of us had grandparents that were born here. We did not wrap ourselves in our flag but we had a common flag. We were Canadians. Not hyphenated Canadians of some faith, colour, country of origin or identity, we were just Canadians and as Canadians we had a history and belief system.

So what is a Canadian? Culture of Canada

Historically, from 1771 to 1971 a Canadian was nominally Christian, of European decent, literate, having escaped religious persecution and war we were distrustful of ideology and heavily influenced by the evolution of the Magna Carta from Great Britain and The Declaration of the Rights of Man from France. We brought with us the European thinking on the values of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.

As Canadians we were influenced by the Golden Age of Free Thought in the United States. We were European in ancestry some of us French the rest from Great Britain. We were a mouse influenced by sleeping with an elephant.

“Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.”

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Addressing the Press Club in Washington, D.C. (25 March 1969)

There were a few thousand Chinese on the west coast and few thousand United Empire Loyalist slaves freed upon their arrival to Canada in the Halifax area. Combined they numbered in the thousands and were less than half a percentage point of the population.

Migration came in waves, the Great Migration from Great Britain, the another before World War 1, and anther after World War 2.

What happened in 1971

Multiculturalism became the official policy of the Canadian government on 8 October 1971.

“Multiculturalism is the best way of assuring the cultural freedom of all Canadians, The Government will support and encourage the various cultures and ethnic groups that give structure and vitality to our society.”

Pierre Trudeau

At the time the various cultures were English, French, Aboriginals and Ukrainians who at the time made up 99% of the country. This concept applied to people who shared the values of Canada at the time. The ideas of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism were not part of the discussion because collectively were not part of our history, heritage nor in any way part of the zeitgiest of Canada.

All that changed with the 5 th wave migration of third world visible minorities. With the visible minorities came the ideas of various religions, all of which claim to be based on love, understanding, and kindness, but that practice the exact opposite, the example to numerous to mention in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.

A Canadian experiment

Canada is the first and only country in the world to ever declare itself multicultural, to adopt multiculturalism as a policy and to encourage what is at the heart of the division in most countries. Other countries are multicultural due to history and circumstance but no country has taken that plunge voluntarily.

Multiculturalism 1.0 1770 to 1970

Pierre Trudeau legislated multiculturalism 1.0 with an idea of equality, in a population of French, Irish, English, Scottish, German, Swiss, Italian and Indigenous. The idea of a melting pot would work if only the Protestants and Catholics could be kept apart.

The key idea that made multiculturalism 1.0 an option to be considered is that Canadians once removed from the nationalistic nonsense of Europe easily assimilated and intermarried. The result was a country divided on English ( nominally Protestant ) and French ( nominally Roman Catholic ) lines. .

What was lacking in Canada in 1971 was fundamental beliefs in primitive religions. Quebec had rid itself of the Roman Catholic influences in the Quite revolution and its only a slight exaggeration to say the rest of Canada was United Church Protestant which is to say pretty mild.

It would be 14 years before Sikhs reached a critial mass and used Canada as a base for destroying Air India Flight 182 mid-air killing all 329 passengers and exploding a bomb at the Narita International Airport in Japan killing 2 baggage handlers.

It took another 30 years before the match was lit between Muslims and Jews over the slaughter of Jews by Hamas and the slaughter of Gaza by the Jews.

Multiculturalism is a dozen puddles of gasoline we are all standing in just waiting for the hatred to erupt, what idiot will light the match?

Multiculturalism 2.0 Mismatched Values 1970 to 2020

Between 1970 and 2020 the religious, ethnic and racial makeup of Canada has changed. Europeans are now a minority in Toronto, Burnaby, Vancouver, and a dozen other cities. Of 338 federal ridings in Parliament, 41 have populations where visible minorities form the majority, compared with 33 in 2016.

The colour of peoples skin is not the issue, the values people hold is the issue. If the values are not of secularism, democracy, separation of church and state, sexual freedom, individualism, then we have a clash of values. What are the shared values between a Muslim and a Hindu, or a Buddhist and Muslim, how can we expect a Black Muslim to get along with a Black Mennonite [Black Mennonites outnumber white Mennonites 2:1, so much for the white Mennonite stereotype]

A country, after all, is not something you build as the Pharaohs built the pyramids, and then leave standing there to defy eternity. A country is something that is built every day out of certain basic shared values.

Pierre Trudeau Part 5, Life After Politics, p. 366

With the mixing of different values we are forcing multiculturalism in a way it was never intended. Inclusion became an issue as self identified “People of Colour” saw their lack of wealth as white privilege. Not recognizing that a family living here for 7 generations may have accumulated some capital.

New arrivals saw systemic problems everywhere and blamed thier colour for a rude response, not realizing being rude is not racism.

Chris Rock has a great routine about the [royals] skin-tone row in a recent special: ‘Some of that shit they went through was not racism. It was just some in-law shit… “They’re so racist, they wanted to know how brown the baby was going to be!” That’s not racist… even black people want to know how brown the baby’s going to be.’)

The grim triumph of the race grifters by Tom Slater

But “cry wolf”comments like those made against the Royals are everywhere and its sad because racism should be taken seriously. Its not a form of etiquette or a weapon or a card to play to get a raise or promotion, although it has become all those things. What is worse for Canada is that the new racial narrative paints White Canadians as racist to the core. If your not BIPOC your full of bigotry and bias even if you don’t realise it, and as a white you must forever interrogate your ‘privilege’. The racial grift lives on. It gets worse in Multiculturalism 3.0

Multiculturalism 3.0 2015 onwards

“Marx is only half right when he calls religion the opium of the people. It may turn a lot of people into sheep, but it turns far too many of them into tigers.”

Hugh MacLennan, Two Solitudes

2015 saw the election of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada. With his election we saw an acceleration of immigration and an acceleration of the adoption of Critical Theory. In Justin Trudeau we had a prime minister criminally involved with the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili religion. Mr. Trudeau has been criticized for being so enthralled with ticking symbolic “woke” boxes in his decision making that he makes mistakes by installing candidates who neatly fit an image, but that obviously don’t have the skills. [see Rideau Hall review and Governor General Julie Payette]

His world view is that we must make up for perceived wrong of the past by promoting people who today had nothing to do with those wrongs, but due to the colour of their skin benefit from equity and inclusion programs, competence an afterthought.

The problem being of course the people wronged are dead, were not Canadians and the Canadians being blamed had nothing to do with the wrong doing. We now had academics in positions for which they were gifted a spot. With that came anti academic notions of grades being racist and ridiculous notions of Critical Theory and the abandonment of Critical Thinking.

“White supremacy language,” [English Grammar] must be done away with in favor of labor-based grading that will redistribute “power.” “White language supremacy” in writing classrooms is due to the uneven and diverse linguistic legacies that everyone inherits, and the racialized white discourses that are used as standards, which give privilege to those students who embody those habits of white language already,”

Asao Inoue, professor of rhetoric and composition at Arizona State University,

There is no ‘unity in diversity,’ what diversity does is it leads to isolation, mistrust and disunity. In an academic institution when you combine a abandonment of the ideas of personal accountability and character and take up the mantle of identity rational discourse is gone.

Multiculturalism 3.0 will see increased ethnic communities religious attachments which will lead to more feelings of mistrust in others. This mistrust leads to perceptions of discrimination and a lowering of all incomes as we abandon science and take up relationship squabbles.

In the end the entrenched religious diversity, be it Muslim, Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists will conflict with the existing European values of some Canadians. This conflict will be exploited by astute politicians and so ends Canada’s harmonious existence. Flash points will be beliefs and practices regarding the seperation of church and state, holidays, gender equality, sexuality, honour killings, genital mutilation, sharia law and the enforcement of other religious codes that undermine social cohesion that clash too much with mainstream Canadian society.

Unfortunately for “Old Stock” Canadians, they will be the minority in less than 25 years as they are now in many ridings and the Trudeau dream will turn into the balkanized nightmare as it is everywhere different ideologies meet.

“Multiculturalism, involved supporting minority communities. But it also required resources for integration, including equal access to full participation in Canadian society, as well as learning an official language. We need to promote creating encounters and interchange among all Canadian cultural groups in the interest of national unity.”

Pierre Trudeau’s original speech on multicultural philosophy in 1971.

Cargo Cults: Skin colour is not the issue

A cargo cult is a belief among primitive people who contacted technologically advanced societies. Cargo cults are marked by a “myth-dream” of the appearance of an abundance of goods. With no knowledge of manufacturing process members maintain that the manufactured goods have been created by spiritual means. These goods intended for the indigenous people are taken by foreigners through privilege they have unfairly gained through control of the magic. [from Wikipedia]

The real issue is the primitive culture lacks Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and literacy skills. They have yet to develop critical thinking skills and rely on faith, myth, storytelling, elder wisdom, and revelation from divine prophecy and dreams.

Many newcomers to Canada exhibit the same thinking styles. They think wealth comes from privilege and not competence, science and hard work. Multiculturalism is mixing people who prize Enlightenment values, the scientific method and “The Rights of Man” with people who believe in a Caste System as opposed to equality, Angels as opposed to science and submitting to a religious revelation as opposed to making laws that focus on fundamental human values, there will be clashes.

And the Cargo cultists, those who do not understand where the wealth comes from will cry racism, systemic hatred, require diversity, inclusion and equality [DIE] quotas and subsidy to get by and this will breed resentment.

This resentment will be capitalized on by crass politicians. To be a post 1970’s Canadian is not to be of white European decent, it is to not adopt a Cargo cult mentality. It is to reject Critical Theory and embrace Critical Thinking, that is the Canadian Heritage that is important and the ideas that are so hard for newly minted, employment equity, DIE included, intersectionally hard done by “Canadians” of any skin colour to accept.

~END Part 1~

The week before Christmas and all through the house… December 2022

Part 2

Reflection on Multi cultural ism

A few quotes about multicultural societies around the world and what happens when they do not quite have populations with shared values. Basically, Indian Muslims hate Indian Hindus, Muslim Turks hate Christian Turks, Myanmar Buddhist hate Rohingya Muslims, Islamic State (Muslim) hates Zoroastrians (Yazidis), Communist Atheist in Russian hate Mennonites / Poles / Jews, Jews hate Palestinian Muslim in Gaza but are good United Arab Emirates, Bahraine, Morocco and the Sudan, the Sudanese are good with Jews but not Christians in the South Sudan and of course God less China is going to save all the Turkic Muslim (Uyghurs) from Islam, good luck with that. With all this a couple of bright lights named Trudeau in an effort to keep Quebec in Canada have invited a toxic mix of dysfunctional relationships into our fold. What could go wrong.

The duty of the survivor is to bear testimony to what happened . . . You have to warn people that these things can happen, that evil can be unleashed. Race hatred, violence, idolatries—they still flourish.

Elie Wiesel was a Romanian-born writer, professor, political activist, Nobel laureate, and Auschwitz and Buchenwald survivor. He authored 57 books. He was a professor of the humanities at Boston University. In his political activities, he campaigned for victims of oppression in places like South Africa, Nicaragua, Kosovo, and Sudan.

In India: Hindu- Muslim

Such is the record of Hindu-Muslim relationship from 1920 to 1940. Placed side by side with the frantic efforts made by Mr. Gandhi to bring about unity, the record makes most painful and heart-rending reading. Cases of arson have occurred in which Muslims have set fire to the houses of Hindus, in which whole families of men, women and children were roasted alive to the great satisfaction of the Muslim spectators. What is astonishing is that these acts of rank cruelty were not regarded as atrocities to be condemned but were treated as legitimate acts of warfare for which no apology was necessary.

B.R. Ambedkar, Pakistan or The Partition of India (1946)

In Turkey Muslim -Christian

A discussion of the Armenian Genocide could reveal that this Turkish state was not a result of a war fought against the imperial powers, but, on the contrary, a product of the war against the Greek and Armenian minorities. It could show that a significant part of the National Forces consisted either of murderers who directly participated in the Armenian Genocide or of thieves who had become rich by plundering Armenian possessions.

Taner Akçam, historian and sociologist in The Genocide of Armenians and the silence of the Turks


The extermination of the Christians of Turkey was an organized butchery by Muslims, carried out on a great scale.The victims amount to hundreds of thousands, bringing the sum total of exterminated Armenians and Greeks up to the grand total of one million, five hundred thousand.

George Horton in The Blight of Asia (1926)

In Myanmar Buddhist – Muslim

For the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, decades of persecution have been a genocidal campaign of rape, pillage and murder driving almost a million people over the border to Bangladesh as refugees. The Buddist majority exacerbated the anti-Muslim feelings due to the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan.

‘We cannot hope for anything good’: Myanmar coup sparks despair for Rohingya, by Hannah Ellis-Petersen and Shaikh Azizur Rahman, The Guardian, (14 Feb 2021)

Islamic State (Muslim) – Zoroastrian (Yazidis)

The 2014 Yazidi genocide, carried out by the Islamic State saw over 5,000 Yazidis killed, thousands forced into sexual slavery and 500,000 Yazidi refugees

Yazidis [were] shot and thrown like refuse into pits; men and boys beheaded in front of their families; girls as young as eight subjected to gang rape; beatings; forced conversions; torture; slavery. In a camp I visited, a woman who had been raped for an entire year, then shot in the head when her owner grew tired of her, then finally sold back to her husband, lay curled in a foetal ball in a makeshift tent, rocking and moaning to herself.

Holland Tom (12 August 2017). “Don’t forget the Yazidis: To avoid the next genocide, remember the last”. Spectator.

Holodomor Communist Atheist – Mennonites / Poles / Jews

…multiple rounds of horror were visited upon Ukraine Mennonites during the Communist revolution. Mennonites were “Kulaks” (rich peasants) their hard work was seen as capitalist privilege. This was known as the six turbulent times

#1: 1917 – 1922 a state induced famine. Rape, murder, theft of food were common, this time know as the the Holodomor
#2 The liquidation of the Kulaks more than a million people, shot, expelled or sent to Siberia and worked to death.
#3 1936 – 1940: 62,000 Mennonites forcibly moved throughout the USSR as Podkulachnik, almost all Mennonite settlements dissolved by the Soviets many forced eastward at the beginning of WW II,
#4 1941 forced evacuation westward by the German Army
#5 1943 forced repatriation by red army
#6 1945 Siberian Gulag. Mennonites were deported or arrested; part of a Ukrainians, Poles, and Jews. As they arrived in the Gulag, they were worked to death or killed as political prisoners.

Stanislav Kulchytsky, was the deputy director of the Institute of Ukrainian History at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAN), a noted researcher of the Holodomor. Kulchytsky states that the Holodomor in Ukraine was a genocide, and “terror by famine.”

Jewish – Muslim (Gaza)

Trump and his bumpkin sidekick Jared Kushner through ignorance or stupidity ignored the two state solution and instead made the Abraham accords, “The Art of the Deal” indeed. Trumps “deal” alienated Hamas meeting none of the Palestinian needs and created the Israel-Palestine crisis. The world cannot afford the ignorance and corruption of Netanyahu and Trump. 25,000 dead on Trumps shoulders as of Dec 2023

When Israel says that it will recognise Palestinian rights and will withdraw from the West Bank and East Jerusalem and grant the right of return, stop settlements and recognise the rights of the Palestinians to self-determination – only then will Hamas be ready to take a serious step.

Cited in “Transcript: Khaled Meshaal interview”, BBC News (8 February 2006): Khaled Meshaal, tells the BBC’s Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, that his organisation is ready to offer a long-term truce to Israel – as long as certain Palestinian rights are honoured.

If in the past, you didnt cry out when thousands of protestors were killed and injured by Turkey, Egypt and Libya, when more victims than ever were hanged by Iran, women and children in Afghanistan were bombed, whole communities were massacred in South Sudan, 1800 Palestinians were starved and murdered by Assad in Syria, hundreds in Pakistan were killed by jihadist terrorist attacks, 10,000 Iraqis were killed by terrorists, villagers were slaughtered in Nigeria, but you ONLY cry out for Gaza, then you are NOT Pro- Human Rights, you are only Anti-Israel.

Test yourself: Are you pro human rights, or just anti-Israel? July 16, 2014
Hillel C. Neuer (born 1969/1970) is a Canadian-born international lawyer, writer, and the executive director of UN Watch, a human rights NGO and UN watchdog group based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Muslim Sudan – Christian South Sudan

The Darfur genocide is the systematic killing of predominately Christians which has occurred during the ongoing conflict in western Sudan. An estimated 200,000 people were killed between 2003 and 2005.

We are not zealous for this land because of the rivers that flow in it. We are zealous for it because it is the land of Islam…. This people has a glorious history.

Hassan Al-‘Audha, Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood,Sudanese Islamic Leaders Threaten the U.S. Not to Send Forces to Darfur. 03 July 2007.

Genocide and oppression… are taking place today, in South Sudan. Nearly half a million black Africans have died in Sudan’s Darfur region, systematically targeted for murder, rape, or displacement by government-backed Arab “Janjaweed” militias, simply because of their Christian religion. This is a genocide, taking place right now. We have the power to stop it. But action to date by the civilized world has been utterly insufficient.

On the Holocaust and Genocide (April 26, 2006); “Reflections on the Holocaust and Genocide in the 21st Century”, (April 26, 2006).Thomas Howard Kean Jr. is an American Republican politician currently serving as Minority Leader of the New Jersey Senate.

God less China – Turkic Muslim (Uyghurs)

The Chinese government incarcerated more than an estimated one million Turkic Muslims without any legal process in internment camps. Amnesty International states that detainees have been increasingly transferred to the formal penal system.

Islamophobia is being encouraged by Communist party authorities. With a massive high-tech surveillance state that monitors and judges every movement, subjecting the widely marginalised Uyghur people to a brutal siege.
Prisoners in the camps are being compelled to renounce God, religious education, and the fasting in the month of Ramadan. Those who disobey are reportedly subject to torture. Most are arrested for no discernible reason, other than to curb religious practice and erase Uyghur culture.

Lukman Harees, Why The Muslim World Is Silent Over China’s Repression of Uyghurs, World Uyghur Congress, 2 January 2019

And there are more, its just too depressing to continue, Since Multiculturalism became official in Canada in the 70’s we have seen the following Genocides world wide killing somewhere between 3 to 10 million people. No one is really sure how many have died. And yet for some inexplicable reason we are told diversity is strength.
~Hutus Genocide during the First Congo War
~Rwandan genocide
~Bosnian genocide
~Isaaq genocide in Somalia
~Anfal genocide in Kurdistan
~Gukurahundi Genocide in Zimbabwe
~Cambodian genocide
~East Timor genocide, Indonesia
~Genocide of Acholi and Lango, Uganda
~Bangladesh genocide East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)