Population Action Plan

Solutions to overpopulation and what you can do

Things you can do as an individual
~Children: One is good, two is enough.
~After one or two children get a vasectomy or tubal ligation.
~Shame people with more, really call them out as intellectually barren, immoral assholes.
~Lobby your local, municipal, provincial and federal governments to tax churches that advocate large families or who encourage large families.
~Read, educate yourself about population issues.
~Teach your children about sex and contraception early, its never to early to talk about controlling our population.
~Discuss your concerns and activism with your friends and family.
~Raise awareness about overpopulation on social media;
~Donate to family planning programs in your own or other countries – for example to International Planned Parenthood, FP2020 or another equally deserving organization
~Contact and donate to politicians with the express purpose of influencing them with money, its all they understand.
~Vote for politicians who acknowledge the detrimental impacts of population growth and propose political solutions
~Run for office municipally, provincially, federally to stop population growth advocating all the things listed in this article. Shape the dialogue.

30% of our food supply depends on bees for a successful harvest. Pesticides are causing a decimation of bee colonies. Scientists and regulators are concerned about colony collapse disorder and the world’s food supply. 41 crop systems depend on healthy populations of wild bees for crops a varied as pumpkins to grapefruit. Wild and domestic bees have been declining in many places. We may not have to plan for depopulation, it may just be forced upon us.

Things to do to protect your family

~First and foremost you need to understand famine.
~Then you will want to brace for impact.
~Support local agriculture, leave the city to find someone with a cow and buy from their homestead.
~Free your family of the corporate food systems.
~Have a stock of food in your basement, rice, oats, powdered milk, corn meal, flour groats, sugar, salt, etc, believe me its not toilet paper you will be fighting over.
~Find a recent refugee and talk to them about what famine is like, plan with them to prepare.
~Learn how to cook with your supply of food and rotate it.
~If you own a piece of land grow food for yourself, your family and to trade.
~If you are in an apartment, have a plan for very high food prices or no food on the grocery store shelf. Eating others is not a good plan.
~A small homestead of an acre with a dozen chickens, a small garden, and an orchard and can provide a dozen eggs a day and a years worth of root crops for minimal effort.
~A small farm with 10 acres of pasture and a herd of 3 cattle will if 1 is slaughtered every year provide about 700 lbs of hamburger, that is 2 pounds a day that will keep starvation at bay for 4 people with very little work; There is the reason our ancestors ate “meat and potatoes”. It is easier and uses less energy, and is more decentralized, with a simpler supply chain than brewing a concoction of

Pea Protein Isolate, Expelled-pressed canola oil, Refined Coconut Oil, Rice Protein, Cocoa butter, Mung Bean Protein,Methyl-cellulose, Potato Starch, apple Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Vinegar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Beet Juice Extract, Carrot all to copy Cattle.

Cattle when grown on pasture are carbon neutral, don’t be swayed by corporate vegan propaganda, the rich want you to be dependent, feeding at their trough, the worst case for the rich is a population of independent farmers, better a city of service workers, you are much more obedient if you are a wage slave.
~Add a single dairy cow to a homestead and you will have about 6 or 7 gallons of milk a day that can be made into cheese very easily and economically or its about one glass of milk for 100 children daily.
~No Vegan diets. Vegan diets are corporate diets that depend on complex technology and supply chains, feed yourself, its your basic responsibility as a human.

Actions on the community level
~Join local advocacy groups of all types, do not focus on environmental groups, your church group, your car club, anyone, encourage them to “connect the dots” between population, long line ups at the hospital, traffic congestion, high land and food prices and species extinction.
~Contact and join your local hunting / gun club and talk to them about the relationship between habitat loss, species extinction, their hobby and overpopulation. In a famine it may be useful to know how to use a gun, or at least be friends with those who have guns.
~Form a Political action committee with the sole purpose of raising money to bribe, err I mean lobby, your local politician into passing growth restricting legislation, it is how they operate, lobbyist buy off the politicians, making them at the beck and call of the rich. Play that game, you cant stop it. Understand ALEC and the impact they have on democracy.
~Write opinion pieces for local newspapers, contact local media sources requesting more reporting on population issues – create demand!
~Municipalities should set growth management boundaries, discouraging sprawl development on their fringes
~Start a community land trust to purchase surrounding lands, or the development rights to such lands, in order to set them aside as nature preserves and open space
~Lobby City councils to pass resolutions accepting limits to growth, and directing their national governments to develop policies to stabilize or reduce national populations, when they ignore you, run for office on that platform. Do it consistently and diligently, its one of the few effective things a person can do.

Actions on the national level

~Run for office on a platform of zero population growth
~Organize others to form a political party for zero population growth and taxation reform.
~Lobby for Generously fund family planning programs
~Lobby for making contraception free and available everywhere, in schools, public events, bars, restaurant, everywhere. It should be impossible to not trip find free, boxes of condoms.
~Lobby for Improve health care to reduce infant and child mortality
~Lobby to restrict child marriage in recent immigrants from Islamic countries and fundamentalist christian sects.
~Lobby to enforce multiple marriage laws in recent immigrants from Islamic countries and fundamentalist christian sects.
~Encourage gay marriage
~Lobby for free education to community college for men and women and generously fund the necessary infrastructure.
~Embrace rather than fight aging and shrinking societies
~Reorganize pensions and other socioeconomic systems to accommodate aging societies
~Eliminate baby bonuses, government funding for fertility treatments, and other incentives to raise fertility rates
~Ban immigration from any country with a growing population.
~Empower women, assuring equal rights, treatment and opportunities for both genders
~Provide information and access to reproductive health care, including all types of low cost, safe, effective contraception
~Make sterilization free, for men and women, covered under all healthcare plans
~Legalize abortion without restrictions.
~Integrate family planning and safe motherhood programs into primary health care systems
~Make population, environmental issues and sex education part of the basic educational curriculum
~Disincentivize third and further children by providing government support and free public education to the first two children only.
~Create a national population policy around an optimal population size of about a quarter of current population levels, and work to achieve it
~Set aside half the national landscape free from intensive development and dedicated to biodiversity protection

Actions on the global level

~Make “ending population growth” one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
~Greatly increase the amount of foreign aid going to family planning
~Change the current foreign aid distribution, reduce suppot to countires that are not attempting to reduce population growth.
~Change the current foreign aid distribution by giving more support for health and education, while ending international military aid.
~Religion that do not approve, support, encourage modern contraception methods should be subject to property, income, and capital gains taxes.
~Financially support media programs designed to change social norms to bolster family planning, best example is Population Media Center
~Hold a yearly global population conference, the first in twenty-five years, to monitor progress towards a target of reducing human populations to 25% of current levels and to reaffirm the ecological goals of restoring habitat, protecting species at risk and ensuring basic human needs to all citizens of the planet through family planning
~Connect family planning to international environmental and development funding; e.g., include family planning in the Green Climate Fund
~Create a new global treaty to end population growth, with all countries choosing population targets every half decade with a plan on how to achieve them (similar to the NDC format)
~Create an online platform similar to the ClimateWatch platform, where visitors can see countries’ goals, plans and achievements to date

Outline from “Solutions to overpopulation” with many additions and deletions to the point where they would probably disagree with my list, perhaps. But I want to give them credit for starting me off.

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