Premise of Enquiry

Starting to write I had no title, so I typed in “Premise of Enquiry” as a habitual nod to Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion. After the outline was done I realized the title was “Impediments to our survival; Distractions, Corporations, Overpopulation, Digital manipulation, propaganda; 42” but that seemed long so “Premise of Enquiry” stuck. Thank you Mrs Premise (John Cleese) and Mrs Conclusion (Graham Chapman); you are always close to my heart.


I must thank my sweetheart for saying, “what is on your mind” at 6:30AM one fine May morning. At that moment I was staring off into space, slack jawed, my eyes glazed over. I was surprised she asked because my early morning lucidity frequently comes out in a 20 minute rant and typically she knew better and tried to avoid such questions. In any event as the ideas unfolded verbally I was able to deflated my bag of hot air and after she headed back to Ottawa and left me to my spring farm full of daffodils and green grass and me sitting beside a warm fire with the steady beating of rain on the roof I started to write out my pre dawn thoughts. So thank you my dear for listening this morning. Its is nice to be heard.


A few concepts to be be familiar with;
-Linda McQuaig; Disaster Capitalism
-Peter Kropotkin and and his ideas about society
-Bertrand Russell and his ideas about war and society
-T. R. Malthus in a world consuming 1.6x more than it produces, brace for impact.
-Keynes and Friedman
-Adam Smith and Anne Rand.
-Polyani and Vaclav Smil.
-Understand the Spartacus uprising,
-why the German peasants war failed
-Understand the cause of the Russian revolution
-Malthusian Crisis; each bigger and harder to solve.
-How money works, how hockey explains monetary policy, why banks are a good idea. How a good idea was poorly executed.

First Premise: the perpetually aggrieved

What are you left with for an explanation of how the world works if you refuse to accept that race, gender, sexuality, anger and hate are going to change anything. Just for a moment accept that premise. That is where I am coming from.

People can be motivated around those issues, the drama is deeply personal, it just that it is of no consequence, no concern, relevance or in any way connected to our survival. This is precisely why they are front and center on the agenda of academia and the corporate media. Simply because they are a distraction, a shiny bobble, rattling keys to a baby.

More on things of no consequence here

Second premise: the plutocracy

For hundreds of years we all struggled under the yoke of Feudalism Serfdom and Slavery. All flavours of the same hierarchical necessity only obscured by technology, abundant energy and successive organized struggles. The successful struggles were coups orchestrated over years by lawyers and accountants. The plutocracy that brought you slavery still exists today, it has no skin colour or race. Today the challenge is to address the role of the plutocracy, thru corporations and capital markets as tools of oppression and that necessitates the struggle to separate corporations and the state today.

More on the Plutocracy here

Third premise: its your footprints

In the last 50 years, my life time, the world population has gone from just over 2 billion to almost 9 billion people. Overpopulation is the most glaring problem we face. Fear of offending Africa and China or curtailing the rights of women to kill the planet with more children is going to Woke us all into oblivion. Carbon emissions, conflict, mass extinctions, fascism, racism, hierarchy, oppression are all worsened by more people. To achieve a sustainable, just and equitable society we need to recognize this premise and act upon it, peacefully achieve a global population of a few billion people over the next few generations.

A little ditty about a big problem, overpopulation here

Fourth Premise: Well worn playbook

Those seeking power have a well worn playbook in terms of how to manipulate the minds of others. The propaganda of World War one crafted by the likes of Walter Lippmann taught corporate America how to manipulate minds. Goebbels and Hitler used the same techniques to achieve their goals in World War two. George Orwell recognized the nature of thought control and satirized it first in “Animal Farm and then in “1984”. Today with monitoring, categorizing, and the creation of meta data that is then used in our manipulation by Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon a citizen has to take evasive measures to avoid complete “assimilation”. Understanding the media of today, recognizing that “the revolution will not be televised” is a first step.

More on the role of Manipulative Media here

Fifth Premise: 50 years

Given the previous premise, any person who has a desire to think independently must as a matter of necessity develop a well thought out strategy of digital engagement and dis-engagement from the monitoring and manipulation. Simultaneously one must be aware of the latest train wreck or meteorite heading for earth. A new combination of technological literacy and immersion in the writings of those who have passed perhaps 50 and 100 years ago is required. Remember the message of Marshall McLuhan; “First you shape your tools, then your tools shape you“.

The jot notes for the Digital Deist here

Premise to Prediction: Brace for Impact

Douglas Adams Mashup

If you consider that for a hundred million years we have lived at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and we all think this is normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.

We are as ignorant of our way forward as a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, “This is an interesting hole I find myself in — fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well!”

The sun is shining and our puddle gets smaller and smaller, we frantically hang on to the notion that everything’s going to be alright, because this world was meant to have us in it, the moment we disappear will their be anyone to act surprised? At some point we will not be able to zig and zag fast enough, technology always saved us so technology will always save us. There’s plenty of time and that’s a very dangerous thing to say.

Are we smart enough to say “You know that thing we have been doing for the last 150 years? Don’t do that again.” Maybe. In 1859 Darwin publishes “On the Origin of Species”. It took a long time before we really got to grips with it and begin to understand we are not the center of the Universe and we’re made simply by variations in progeny, some that worked out, others that did not. Many still do not accept the idea, so will we respond fast enough? Maybe not.

Original Douglas Adams quotes that I mashed up here


C.F.I.T. is Controlled Flight Into Terrain, the pilot just flies the plane and the unsuspecting passengers into the ground, it happens surprisingly often. CFIT is a leading cause of airplane accidents involving loss of life, causing over 9,000 deaths since the beginning of the commercial age of air travel.

Usually the pilot and co pilot are disagreeing on things, the second last thing the pilot does is turn off that annoying “Pull up! Terrain! Pull up now!” warning. Thinking the instruments, the warnings, the science of it all is wrong, thinking that young punk of a co-pilot should keep his mouth shut and do what he is told, is the last mistake made.

Momentum and the permanence of the ground relative to a tube of aluminum full of people traveling at 600km/hr is a powerful combination.

While you are nibbling on a little bags of candied walnuts fate is altering your future. The planet does not really care about your travel plans, faith, personal truths, beliefs or how many followers you have. You were put on this planet to shape our destiny for the better, that is all, you blew it, now Brace for impact!

Memorial to a C.F.I.T in Canada’s high arctic First Air Flight 6560 August 2011