Production vs consumption

Production: the process of making or growing goods to be sold:
usage: Coke is used in the production of steel.
usage: India produces allot of rice.

Consumption: the amount used or eaten:
As a nation, our consumption of rice is similar to india.
We need to cut down on our fuel consumption.

We all consume, but only a few of us produce. Compare two producers, a rice broker in Delhi and a Boeing mechanic in Seattle.

A Boeing Mechanic

A Boeing 777 costs about 300 million dollars, over 150,000 people work at Boeing, with gross sales of on average 90 billion dollars a year representing in round numbers 90,000,000,000/150,000=600,000 in revenue on average per employee. The average middle class Boeing employee getting about 10% of that or 60,000, some more some less.

A Delhi Rice Merchant

The price paid to a rice farmer is about 10 cents a pound depending on the variety, India produces about 120 million tons of rice a year with a value 12 billion dollars to the farmer. Of India’s 1.27 billion over a million and a half of them making about 2,000 dollars a year farming rice.

So the 60,000 Boeing employees consume the same as the inevitable 60,000 rice merchants, (a number I am speculating on) and they are part of the large middle class in India, but to support that there are a million and half people producing rice, also using fossil fuels, eating, creating excrement, building homes, having children, in short living and polluting sometimes in a crude way. If you fly into Delhi, which I have, at night you see a sea of small fires as people burn cow dung in open fires. The smog and stench is overwhelming.

Open fires in New Delhi are everywhere. They are used for heat, cooking food and as a social focal point. Flying into Delhi they are seen as far as the eye can see and the air is thick with the stench of smoke and human waste. 10 million little fires instead of one gas fired electricity plant.

So we have statistics;

Population37 million1.2 Billion
GDP1.7 Trillion2.8 Trillion
Average income50,0002,000
C02 output per person15.0 Tons1.70 Tons
Total C02 0utput555 million
2 Billion

The CO2 output is an agregate number for the 7x more C02 you are getting Boeing Airplance, Automobiles and Advanced Technology. In India its agriculture and a million or more polluting farmers as well as the middle class that is consuming at the same rate as in North America. You have interesting statistics used to guilt the west into accepting no wage increases for 40 years and massive immigration that causes this all the while the agreggate pollution from India is much more.