Risk EBV serology mixup

The risk here outcomes

This data from the American cancer institute give the lifetime risk for the general population for various cancers

This review in Nature places risk of PTLDs as 3- to 21-fold higher in kidney transplant populations than that in the general population. The risks for NHL among transplant recipients is reported as 2- to 3.6-fold higher than that in the general population.

This study states the hazard ratio for a EBV patient like me getting PTLD is 7.5 when I get a kidney that is EBV +.

This study correlates a “high PCR EBV viral load …with the probability of developing PTLD. ” In this study 15% of sero-negative patients receiving a sero-positive kidney developed PTLD.

This study found that so long as EBV Levels were between 1000 and 100,000 the risk was 11%, above 100,000 the risk increased to 37%. This study did not look at pre transplant serology.

This study found that about a third of lymphomas were not associated with EBV.

This study pegged the occurrence of PTLD in 137,939 patients, 90,000 of whom they knew the serostatus of with a hazard ration of 7.5 and concluded “A Kidney Donor+/Recipient−, compared with a Kidney Donor−/Recipient− transplant, may contribute to an increase in PTLD incidence of 35% and 42% in adult Deceased Donor and Living Donor, respectively”

In 2012 detailed recommendations and specific protocols were outlined in the “Seville expert workshop for progress in posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorders” and can be found here.

So my risk of Hodgkin Lymphoma is 1/55 instead of 1/417 for the general population and 1/139 for the transplant population. For the general population the Lifetime risk of Non Hodgking Lymphoma is 1/41, for a tranplant patient 1/20 and for me 1/11. Lucky me its still 10/11 that I will dodge the bullet.