“Truckers” Blockade


The “freedom convoy” resulted in the declaration of Canada’s Emergencies Act. The convoy started as a protest against cross border COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Blockades were also at Emerson Manitoba and the Ambassador Bridge. The bridge is a main artery for automotive manufacturers, including Toyota, Ford and GM who had to cut back production because of the protests. It took 3 days and a thousands of police to clear the protest.

When Conservatives become Fascists

What happens when the conservatives see a political advantage in moving from Right wing corporatism to Extremist fascism. Certainly the financial backers, the likes of the Libertarian Kock brothers, the American owners of the Canadian Tar Sands would give their blessing.

So we have Pierre Marcel Poilievre PC MP and Maxime Bernier; dumb and dumber each seeing how low they can stoop to encourage a populist uprising that they hope they can control.

The problem with Fascism

The problem with populist fascism for Canadians, is that it is a precursor to the collapse of democracy. Canada could easily spawn someone as shortsighted and selfish the Filthy Minion Of Putin. What is needed is a rainbow coalition of “meta~manipulated” fanatics all of whom do not care not for, nor understand democracy.

Case in point: “Many members of the GOP have made comments supporting the demonstrations, including former President Trump, who called Trudeau a “far left lunatic” who has “destroyed Canada with insane COVID mandates.” From AP News

Listen to the refugees

One of the wonderful thing about Canada is the abundance of immigrants who have survived authoritarianism. They are all around you. If your one of the 70% of European Canadians whose great grandparents were born here you have probably forgotten why your grandparents or great Grandparents left Europe. For mine it was the Stalinist Holodomor on my fathers side and the Catholic mob violence of the Huguenot massacres in France on my mothers side.

To really understand whats happening with the “truckers strike” you need to find someone for whom recent history is a matter of deja vu. If your parents fled from collapsing societies to Canada and you see a grim and eerie repeat of history, it is time to speak up.

Warning: Fascism ahead

When the streets are controlled by armed men or men with trucks who stop commerce, When the front line police can do nothing and the special police are called in. When the fascist masses unite its enough to destroy democracy for good. The fortunes of history often go to those who seize upon opportunity. Most fail and end up in prison, but when circumstances prevail society is in turmoil for years.

This is not a drill. Lets look at something concrete, the truckers were blocking bridges, the federal legislature in Canada and the police unable to respond. Do we understand the gravity, urgency? Truck drivers are radicalized by a movement from the United States, supported by a fascist ex-President.

In Quotations and italics is from Umair in August 2020 from the webssite Eudaimonia and Co

“The fascist President spoke of hated, corruption in government, fake elections, fake news, having no respect for government, traditions or the rule of law. He led his faithful in chants of hate, moments that built the bond of the tribe between them. Soon enough, that President was speaking of peaceful protesters as anarchists and revolutionaries. Everyone was a traitor; what do we do with traitors?”

The rhetoric is the same in Canada, the supporters from the states are funding financially and with rhetoric the idea that our prime minister is a traitor, the police chief a traitor. To a monitored and meta~manipulated highly impressionable person the big truck its a powerful and appealing extension of their manhood. he and his rig will protect us all.

Canada “has an ISIS, a Taliban, an SS just waiting to be born. A group of young men willing to do violence at the drop of a hat, because they’ve been brainwashed into hating. The demagogue has blamed hated minorities and advocates of democracy and peace for those young men’s stunted life chances, and they believe him. That’s exactly what an ISIS is, what a Taliban is, what an SS is. The only thing left to do by an authoritarian is to formalize it.”

Another aspect is that we are seeing Crucial institutions infiltrated by extremist factions who stand against democracy. Does a Canadian artillery officer think of himself as fascists when he posts a plan online? Of course not. Mullahs don’t think of themselves as hate preachers, either. Police who give in to violent protesters might not all think they are fascists. But what is certain is that some significant number of them are sympathetic to the forces which are now attacking democracy. They prioritize those forces over democracy, freedom, peace, justice.

A group of two dozen cyclists stop a convoy in Edmonton, the police threatened them with arrest for impeding traffic, 1600 police officers in Ottawa could not do what a few dozen cyclists did in Edmonton. Were the police complicit?

What is the path for a a Trump, a Saddam, a Qaddafi, to gain power? The military, the police, federal and provincial must remove them — or they do not. If not, they becomes a plaything to the fascist regime. That game of brinkmanship appeared to be playing out as the military and police did nothing.

“The capture of a police force is not just the capture of a police force. It threatens the whole fabric of a democracy. The monopoly on violence that the people’s agents should have is being transferred to the authoritarian. It all points to the beginnings of true violence, not just at the hands of the radicals — but aided and abetted by the state. That is the point at which a democracy finishes collapsing — and never comes back. Because once the state is free to do real violence — who is going to protest? Speak out? Even criticize?”

An example of this was in Kenosha. “Trump threatened to send in “federal agents” — and then he did. Which “federal agents”? In Portland it was the “Homeland Security” force which has become the precise equivalent of his Iranian Republican Guard or SS: a paramilitary which isn’t accountable to the people, any democratic institution, wears no badges, can’t be identified, and is controlled only by the authoritarian, at his or her discretion and whim.”

“What did Trump’s stormtroopers do in Kenosha? They disappeared people, just like in Portland. They simply picked groups of people, roared up in unmarked cars, and…abducted them. To where? To jails. For what reason? For no reason — there were no warrants involved, no due process, no Constitutionality whatsoever. People were simply made to vanish. Like in the Soviet Union. Like in Saddam’s Iraq or Gaddafi’s Libya. Like in Nazi Germany.”

And this is where the people alive today who have experience with authoritarian regimes matter so much, its easy to dismiss these comparisons as alarmist if you have never experienced authoritarianism.

And so the predictable is really what could happen, the political class takes advantage of the fascist minions, the authoritarian’s numbers grow as they try to capitalize on the popular uprising and the people who always respond to violence, brutality and hate are empowered.

The “truckers” need to be reminded, sternly, forcefully, that there actions are the wrong path; that is not happening from the right. Not nearly enough to fight authoritarianism, and win. That’s a factual reality. And that is how democracy ends.

Protests are ineffective

The freedom convoys goal was to increase freedom but had the opposite effect. By illegally blocking critical infrastructure they caused Canada’s Emergency Act to be invoked.

U.S.-based flooding of the 911 phone lines in Ottawa, the presence of U.S. citizens in the blockade and the impact of foreign money to fund this illegal activity.” Trudeau said that on some fundraising platforms, as much as 50% of the donations are coming from the U.S.

Not everyone wants peace, order and good government, some want you to live in fear, despair, and terror. And they will begin using extreme violence to do it. “Listen to the dispossessed, the exiles and orphans of modernity. The ones who have never felt like we belonged. The gift we always could have given you was to protect you from this.” If you do not listen this is how the fascists win.