Why: War in the Ukraine 2022 an essay by Chris Hedges

Why: Ukraine Timeline; goes back a way. A list of Wikipedia references and summaries of key milestones

Why the farm is my keep? The story of my little 25 acre homestead.

Why not end the monarchy? Denis Diderot is such a scamp, with classics such as “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” You don’t have to go that far, just throw the royal lot in a jail and melt the key.

Why do journalists give in to the corporate agenda? Why do we not all just piss into the wind.

Why the fourth wave flounders? From the vote for everyone (1st) to equal pay, (2nd) to intersectionality (3) the fourth wave became so divided with useless hash tags, a veritable online tempest in a teapot, thier irrelevancy allows a supreme court to overturn Roe vs Wade

Why do vegetarians have regrets? Because cows are not the problem, its you and your farting ass, don’t blame your problems on a carbon neutral ruminant.

Why does Canada have mass immigration? Mostly to create a bed of unrest to allow a fascist uprising. Pierre Trudeau always loved Mao,Stalin and Castro but had to change Canada to make it work. He did. Its called multi culturalism.

Why did Mark Twain write to the person sitting in darkness? DRAFT Jot notes not written but the text of to the person… and White mans burden can be found here.