Ziabatsu: A Japanese conglomerate, especially a powerful family-controlled monopoly before World War II.

Why Ziabatsu?Every culture has a Ziabatsu, no race, religion or secret society controls it all. From my perspective ours is a chaotic universe, random events effect history. Our lives a fleeting passing thought. Family wealth however lives on.

For most this is highly a rigged meritocracy; some of the rich are rich because they are better and smarter, that is partly true. But most inherit the wealth, aggregating unearned wealth, for most most of us thier tools are not options.

You are on a leash, you are unaware because you never pulled on the chain, you only danced like a marionette. You do the race dance, the feminist dance, the environmental dance, all meaningless distractions while the owner of the 300 foot yacht flies his private jet between his homes in London, Washington and Zurich convincing you she is a job creator; humble yourself and beg. This article looks at the top 10 tools of the ruling class.

Go Back, Warning, here be dragons

Tool 1: Corporate Media

When what you read / listen to / absorb is provided by corporate funded “think tanks” and a decreasing numbers of media outlets, effectively concentrating the voice of a few individuals at the expense of a plurality of thought, you may have free speech but no free exchange of information, lacking independence in media, free of corporate messaging you are not educated but indoctrinated.

Where should we go to get our information

~What if the mainstream / corporate / establishment media’s goal is not to inform you, but to misdirect you?
~What if they manufacturing false narratives that reflect the views of established power offering endless streams of disinformation and lies that prevent us from understanding how the world really works?

If this is true, we are being iied to every day, all of the time. If this is the reality, what should we do? If we want the truth, where do we go to get it? It will not be had from big salary, celebrity journalists who are riding a gravy train interviewing those who get big book advances. Anyone who challenges establishment narratives, who debunks lies, and pursue the truth, will be marginalized.

But on the other end of things, just being marginalized is not a qualification either so you have to search out the truth. In doing so, you will start to see the false narratives and possibly you will begin to understand how the world works.

10 steps to deprogram

1: Drop TV, Google, Microsoft, Social Media, anything that tracks you.
2: Use a Linux or Apple system. Be very choosy with apps, be paranoid.
3; Read books that are pre 1940, at least older than you are.
4: Use no media that is funded by advertising.
5: Create media of your own. / Support other creators of media.
6: Focus on facts not spin. A fact is verifiable and repeatable.
7: Spend time disconnected; think and plan your activism
8: Spend time disconnected; talking with friends where not monitored.
9: Work on separating the corporation from the state.
10: Work on ending corporate person hood.

Plato allegory of the cave

Tool 2: Distraction

Activists today are easily distracted by issues of race, gender, sexuality, abortion, or the latest drama of anger or hate while the corporate class works tirelessly to rewrite tax code, employment standards and manipulate the legislative process through mediated access through organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Tool 3: Colonialism to Globalization

It is fashionable to see colonialism as a tool of racist domination but like almost every issue where race is conjured, race has nothing to do with it. Colonialism is a pre NAFTA form of international trade set up to allow the rich to move wealth easily. Every mercantile nation needed a colonial empire for logistical reasons.

Today without the colonies or the Gold Standard we have moved beyond Bretton Woods, IMF and UN and are governed by Free trade deals. The effect is the same, larger markets, free exploitation of others resources, more riches for fewer plutocrats. Mark Blyth does a great job of explaining the process. You can find a video here.

Tool 4: Corporate Person hood

In the colonial era, corporate entities like the Hudson Bay Company were central to facilitating collective action, association, and economic activity. Historical turning points where corporate lawyers and judges made crucial decisions establishing corporate rights, and transforming the nature of both the corporation and the rights of the working person.

This was a coup; it took place not with rifles, pitchforks and gallows but with lobbyists, lawyers and tax accountants.

The modern trans-national corporation must be controlled, changing our relationship with corporations is fundamental to social, environmental and economic justice.


Tool 5: Austrian economics / Fascism

The writing of Karl Polyani can be found her

Tool 6: T.I.P., Travel, Immigration, Overpopulation

The Corporate Class loves it when you travel, immigrate, and most of all they love overpopulation. Travel diminishes your wealth and pollutes other cultures, immigration destabilizes indigenous cultures making them easier to manipulate and overpopulation, especially of the uneducated lowers the wage of competing workers: a 10 percent increase in supply reduces wages by 4 percent according to George J. Borjas
Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

If you are a recent immigrant it is in your interest to work towards ending immigration to Canada, you were brought here as a colonial slave at 15 dollars an hour, to drive up housing prices and work in the “mines”

Tool: 7 Family Trusts

The Inherited wealth of the 1% is hiding in trusts. Members of the 1% rig the rules to get more wealth and more power.

  • The twenty seven wealthiest families had a 904 percent increase in wealth in the last 40 years compared with the typical family in the U.S. who had a increase of 90 percent in the same time period.
  • The five wealthiest families in the US have seen their wealth increase by over 2,000 percent from 1983 to 2020. For example:
    • Wal-Mart inflation-adjusted increase of 4,320 percent.
    • The Mars candy dynasty 3,517 percent over the past 37 years,
    • Cosmetics magnate Estée Lauder growth rate of 2,465 percent.
  • Dynastic family members spend millions lobbying for favorable tax, labor, and trade policies, give to candidates, campaigns and PACs, serve on policy advisory boards; and serve in government themselves.

The following report outlines the danger to democracy and suggests a new direction: to enact economic policies that strengthen society as a whole, ensuring equal opportunity and dignity for all, not just the very few.

Tool 8: Control of Tax Law

James Albus was a Robotics and Cybernetics pioneer in the early 60’s and 70’s. He developed the optical aspect sensors on over 30+ NASA spacecraft.

He was an early pioneer in Computer Control Technology, Robot Systems, and did fundamental research for DARPA, NASA, ARL, U.S. Bureau of Mines, Ford, and General Motors. In the late 1960’s Albus made contributions to cerebellar robotics, and foresaw the effect of technology on work.

He proposed “Peoples’ Capitalism”. Peoples’ Capitalism built on the ideas of Louis O. Kelso and discusses the question “how would we live without jobs?”.

Albus’s vision concerns a world without war, poverty or pollution, a world of prosperity and opportunity. A detailed plan for achievement of these goals is included, the man who invented the modern world had a plan that was only partly fullfilled.


Tool 9: Learned helplessness

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