100 million; no thanks

There is a fringe group that sees a solution to a country with a stable population without immigration as a problem. That fringe group is called Century Initiative’s. This organization is lobbying the government and public opinion for a 100 million person Canada, a population growth of migrants.

They claim that an aging population can only be solved with a flood of new blood. A flood that is so severe it is causing labour shortages in the building trades and housing shortage the likes of which we have never seen.

Canada’s population is unsustainable at even 40 million people. The government has climate targets we cannot reach but they keep up a lie of yes we do it and grow. Not possible. They want to flood the country with more than 500,000 people per year and reduce our C02 burden on the planet.

They want our population growth rate to be the highest in the G7 at almost 2%. They spin this as positive and use the buzzword ” if you believe the world needs more Canada,” without stating the obvious that Canada will not be Canada without Canadians but rather Asians, Hindus and Africans who are not preloaded with the values of western Europe and the Enlightenment.

They claim a voodoo terror, Canada’s population with a falling birthrate below the fertility replacement rate of 2.1. What they do not say is that if left alone it would lead to higher wages, more automation, lower housing prices, more medical resources per capita, less congestion on our highways, less grief from Sikhs murdering each other, less grief from Muslims wanting to restrict the rights of gays, fewer Arabs performing genital mutilations on their daughters and fewer polygamous families for the third world.

With fewer workers of course we will have to pay more for health care costs but we will not have to bear the burden of housing shortages, the costly flood of immigrants and the balkanization of Canada as the Trudeau Liberals go full speed ahead with creating Minority / Majority ridings that they flood with special favours for minority groups to buy votes that we have to pay for with our National debt.

The fewer people we have in this country the higher our individual standard of living will be, for older Canadians and newer Canadians. When there is a demand for workers it means better pay, less demand for housing which means lower costs. Our social programs are strained to busting with new immigrants, we do not need more. If we continue with ambitious population growth targets now our small country will be an uninhabitable hell hole like the places the immigrants are fleeing. No land, no work, no services. As our population ages, guess what, people die, adding a population of 50 million more only makes the crash that much bigger when the new immigrants can not afford to live here and social unrest becomes the norm. Perhaps that is the goal.

We need urgent action now to stop immigration and stabilize our population at 25 million people. We will all be the richer for it.

The Century Initiative wants 100 million people in Canada. These people are not non-partisan, they are population terrorists and they need to be exposed for the lunatics they are.

If we don’t stop them, the Canada we love is at risk, the programs and services we enjoy and expect, such as health care, public education, and support for young families and older Canadians will not be there. We simply cannot afford it for 100 million people. We will fail as a country and become another overpopulation hell hole with a 50% unemployment rate, as it is in India, much of Africa and the middle East. Overpopulation means mass unemployment.

The next election reject any plans for more immigration. Immigration has got to be a hot-button issue, like the situation in a growing number of countries who are dealing with the fallout of overcrowding and social stress.

Flooding the country with more people is offensive to our wealth and prosperity. If you are a recent immigrant, close the door behind you. If your a Canadian citizen realize how valuable it is and do not just give it away.

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