Manipulative Media (creating the B.O.R.G.)

First the B.O.R.G. must rebel

~They will not understand until they rebel and they will not rebel until they understand~ George Orwell Animal Farm 1942

The BORG or B.O.R.G. are those Born or Bred on Reddit and Google. Digital Natives who have never not been monitored. They are the most studied, technologically dependent, emotionally crippled generation. It is easy to resist assimilation, use Linux, use a search engine that does not track you and avoid Monitored and Manipulative media. The downside of course is you become human.

Many things have changed since 1942 but one thing that has not is wealth can be made by understanding the population and then selling that information to businesses and political interests.

Most democratic theorists in the 20th century believed that more information would produce a more informed citizenry, and a more informed citizenry would make good on the core promise of democracy. They were wrong; More information lead to more monitoring, more distraction, tightly controlled partisanship, and more implanted ignorance. More of a new tribe of those Born on Reddit / Google; the B.O.R.G.

Four one page articles about media today

McLuhan puts it in perspective

1: Marshall McLuhan wrote “the Medium is the Massage,” along with Buckminster Fuller’s “I seem to be a verb” they explored the way media changes our view of reality. McLuhan also wrote the medium is the message, not as interesting as “the medium is the massage

Understanding conspiracy narratives

2:Conspiracy narratives as a distraction, Most conspiracy theories are just stories, a theory requires a bit more effort. Alternatives to listening to 9/11 truthers and idiot presidents pretending to be “Q” include focusing and working towards real change. If you want to understand any issue forget about wild distractions, just understand the business case. Always a business case. Follow the money.

Label them; dehumanize them; burn them

3: Labels are critical to the game, develop an identity full of angst and hardship only your tribe endured. Labeling is the first step in committing atrocities, best perhaps is understanding the game and not playing. A field guide is enclosed

The product is you

4: Once bottled you are sold, by any two bit huckster with a math degree, flooded with V.C. funding on the promise of market domination or the ability to mine your mind. You are living in an age of unprecedented monitoring and manipulation. Your narcissism is your kryptonite. You fool. A prisoner of your own vanity.

Adbusters get some of it right

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