A list of religions would be over a thousand lines long. Each with its own twist on the afterlife. Most are so silly, self righteous or self serving that they can be easily disregarded, unless of course the adherents threaten beheading, burning at the stake or ritual torture to non believers. Sadly this is more common than uncommon.

One day to the next I may reflect on any one of the following hypothesis, I do not hope for anything.

An Eternity hypothesis #1

Eternity <== You are here ==> Eternity
Eternity goes a long way in both directions,
Live 60 or 80 years, the outcome is the same,
You came; went; we are but a passing thought.

The Dog Damn God hypothesis # 2

You will be surrounded by incorruptible goodness, loyalty, and everlasting love, of course you noticed that Dog spelled backwards is God. Proof that when you die you will spend eternity walking with angels picking up poo. Sorry friend, it was about your dog all along.

Reincarnation hypothesis #3

In the End only 3 things matter
1: How much you loved
2: How gently you lived
3: How you let go of things

You die, try to talk to those around you, no one talks back, so you go towards the light, lots of visions. If you choose to die, you shed your regrets and then plan for a rebirth to recharge your karma, no judgement or condemnation. After a big party with your soul family, share a few spiritual gummies with the enlightened ones and then boom, your born again.

The Swedenborg hypothesis # 4 (1800)

Upon dying angels will guide you to meet friends and relatives who crossed over before. Your true inner nature will be revealed. All arrive as equals regardless of beliefs.

Heaven is apart from time and space, a collective made of good spirits for whom the animating force is God’s love. God is closer to us than the beating of our heart if we align ourselves with God’s will.

Hell is inhabited by those who act selfishly. Those who choose to inflict pain or gain power will choose hell. They perceive heavenly teachings as sickly and dismiss good people as being idealistic.

Adams hypothesis #42

The dolphins had long known of the impending demolition of Earth and had made many attempts to alert mankind to the danger…The last ever dolphins message was misinterpreted as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt to do a double backward somersault through a hoop but in fact the message was this: “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.”— Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Quaker Light #5

“The LIGHT notwithstanding, abides always the same, & therefore although man by his love and union to corruptible things, comes to perish, his everlasting happiness, the Light which is in every man that comes into the World, abides forever unchangeable.

More in The Light upon the Candlestick

Lanark Highlands Reality #6

The truth is, I nor anyone else has any idea what happens in the afterlife, but the reality is, heaven can be achieved on earth.

Heaven was accessible via a white F150 super crew, at the end of a long snow covered driveway. There I found a small stone house with my children playing with my grandchildren by a warm hearth and my sweetheart waiting. Heaven on earth.

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