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Pronoun usage with Weird Sly Kip

My preferred pronoun is Thee. I refer to all in a non gendered, but entirely condescending use of the pronoun thou.


It is incredibly important to avoid assumptions about someone’s pronouns. “Thee” is not “preferred”, “preferred pronouns” suggests that you have an option. No matter how lost you become on your gender journey you can take comfort in always being referred to as thou, when talking to Thee. In Thee’s presence do not use terms such as “everyone/y’all/partner/they/he/she/folks/guys/ladies/person/man/woman)

In the event of a trans-aggression*

Should thou accidentally use incorrect pronouns to address Thee it could lead to my psychological distress. Should you make a mistake it is important to quickly apologize and move on. You should acknowledge the pain you have caused Thee.

Cultural differences in uses of Thee and thou

Being submissive to any form of linguistic servitude may fly in the face of reason as the primary source of authority and ideals such as liberty, progress, tolerance, fraternity, and separation of church and state. Put those silly ideas aside and submit to my egotistical and narcissistic whims.

.Weird Sly Kip
Preferred Pronoun usage “Thee”

*a trans-aggression occurs when any one of the following; Aliagender, Androgyne, Aporagender, Bigender, Boi, Butch, Demiboy, Demigender, Demigirl, Dyadick, Feminine-off-center, feminine-of-center, Feminine-presenting, Femme, Female-to-male (FTM), Gender apathetic or Gender binary, gender normative, or cis gender hater claiming person takes exception to the non gender specific Thou.