Once you are dead; death ceases to exist.

Photo by Weird Sly Kip taken in a basswood and oak forest about an hour outside Ottawa one cold winter morning as he was going for a walk with his border collie “Nelly”

Seneca’s spin on the shortness of life

Lucius Seneca (1 BCE – CE 65) was born in Corduba (Spain) and educated in rhetoric and philosophy in Rome. Seneca had a successful and dramatic political career. Seneca had ample occasion for reflection on violent emotions, the dangers of ambition, and the ways of politics.

He was accused of adultery with the Emperor Caligula’s sister and therefore exiled to Corsica in 41; having been Nero’s “tutor” in his adolescent years, he was among Nero’s advisors after his accession in 54; Seneca continued to be an advisor in times that became increasingly difficult for anyone in the close proximity of Nero, he was charged with complicity in the Pisonian conspiracy to murder Nero, and compelled to commit suicide in 65

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