For the “analytic evidentialist”

Deism is for the analytic evidentialist, not to be confused with anal evangelists. It is for those who believe only when repeatable evidence supports the belief.

A belief in God, not religion

Thomas Paine in the Age of Reason 1793 stated ‘The only religion that has not been invented, and that has in it every evidence of divine originality, is pure and simple Deism’

Deism asserts that God is; because creation is. This is a rational working hypothesis, derived thru reason and logic not by revelation, narcissism or mysticism. Originally from the 17th century the analogy of the day was that God created a “clockwork universe” which operates entirely without God’s active intervention.

The Genius of Deism

The genius of Deism is that it is a system that awakens the intellect and the senses. Rather than focusing on a false or unverifiable future you are ever present. You are not devout in spreading nonsense. Rather you are a scientist who speculates, from which you make observations and study the natural world. A Deists speculates on the existence of a God because of the evidence of creation; but does not use revelations or claimed miracles or fear of retribution as evidence of God.

Not Atheist; Not Agnostic.

While Atheism involves having no theism to be a deist is to accept a theist hypothesis, you cannot at this time prove the hypothesis other than with the evidence of creation. This position demands an inquiring mind and someone for whom inane and undemanding explanations are not enough. It is to recognize that the quest is not over and it is the search that has meaning.

An Agnostic believes it is impossible to know whether there is a God; a Deist might say “Creation is the evidence of God; the nature of God is unknown.”

In General terms,
Prophets say “God told me, have faith, 10% please.”
Atheists say “God is not real, prove otherwise.”
Agnostics say “no way to know what is real.”
Deists say “God exists. Religion is not real.”

Not Christian.

Christianity leans upon hierarchy, revelation, miracles, suspension of critical thinking and a dependence on faith. These are all things Deism rejects.

It all boils down to believing in a power that you can call god if you want, it is just not a god of facile explanations about the creation of the universe, faith, nor the notion that god intervenes for you if you telepathically talk to him or her. This force is not expressed in a need for you to kill non believers or pray a certain way, or dress a certain way, or cover a particular patch of skin or wear one hat style over another. Those are all social constructs like your faith and belief in life after death, while quaint and interesting, quite irrelevant.


Embrace Ambiguity, mystery, wonder.
Embrace reason, logic, observation of the natural world.
Embrace meditative silence and reflection.
Embrace your friends, family and be present.
Embrace Peace, Kindness, Gentleness and Self-control


Reject revelation, fanciful stories and bronze age myths.
Reject worship; self serving prayer and false divinity.
Reject notions of original sin, the trinity, heaven or hell.
Reject that someone died for your sins.

Be Thankful

Be thankful for love, the sunshine, a spring rain.
Be thankful God gave us reason, honesty and friends.
Be thankful for skepticism of false revelation.
Be thankful for every kindness received.
Be thankful for the opportunity to Love.

Live and Observe

Live the miracle of creation. This instant; soak it all in.

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