Digital Deist

Noam Chomsky observed that “One of the difficulties in raising public concern is that 40 percent of the US population …believes …. Christ is returning in a few decades….that the world was created a few thousand years ago.” I mention this to identify a major impediment; Fixing stupid is a long term project.

Revolting against authority is a prerequisite, but violence is ineffective, brings on a storm of suffering, is easily countered and has unintended consequences. So how to revolt and when will you know its working.

The framework for action I advocate is “Digital Deism” How do you join you say? Its easy; just hum a few bars it goes like this…

The underlying solution to our current problems is a change in tax laws and a planned and orderly 50% reduction in our population. Sadly it’s probably not going happen, but you can think and organize, I suggest the following:

-Solve problems with a secular scientific analysis
-Recognize that God exists in the natural laws of our universe and get over the fact that those laws are just not into you.
-Understand and appropriate the Non Violence of the Mennonites as appropriated by Mahatma Gandhi and ML King Jr. Drop the Jesus thing and find a modern path. This means making a conscious choices in the use of technology. Technology that brings us closer and rejection of technology that drives us apart. Today it boils down to Linux over Microsoft or apple, Duck Duck go over Google, proton mail over gmail, talking and meeting with a dozen friends in private as opposed to having a thousand friends who don’t know you feeding your desires to a Meta algorithm that sorts you. It means buying from a store and making things instead of enriching CIA backed operations like Amazon or Facebook.
– It means finding peace in silence and time to reflect and percolate.
-And finally and most importantly, a separation of the plutocracy and the state. Those eight little words are of critical importance. This belief, separating religious power from the state in the past lead to being burned at the stake. Today the modern corporation, the plutocracy must be separated from the state. If your peaceful and respectful acts of “social justice” are not eliciting violence from the state, they are not effective or your not doing it right.

I am weird sly kip a Digital Deist.