Digital Deist

Deists are a cantankerous lot! Highly UN-trainable, always asking why.

While I am a person of little faith, my grandparents were Mennonites and I like the idea of revolting against authority, violence does not work and today the church to me is irrelevant, but the separation of the plutocracy and the state is of critical importance.

Mennonites are also known for the use of appropriate technology, hence the buggies, if it brings them closer to Jesus they use the technology otherwise no thank you.

An old-order Mennonite community was established in 1976 by several families who relocated from Pennsylvania to the small town of Liberty in Casey County, Kentucky. The community allowed me to spend several days there in June of 1980 photographing them with the only stipulation that I couldn’t “pose” any photos. They worked their fields and gardens, did other chores. The whole community went to church on Sunday using an old farmhouse as their place of worship. David Oberholtzer (buggy pulled by “Stormy”) stops to chat with the Tuckers (their horse was “Ranger.”)

So as a framework I plan to explore the following definition of a “digital Deism”
-A secular scientific analysis
-Non Violence
-Conscious choices in the use of technology
-Use of technology that brings us closer and rejection of technology that drives us apart
-Separation of the plutocracy and the state.

I am weird sly kip a Digital Deist.