Faith Phobia

I am a faith-phonic. You can find my complete confession of faith-phobia here. 30 minute read

You can find chapters of my confession of faith phobia below:

Concern 1: Your Truth.
Concern 2: Fantasy Escape
Concern 3: My viewpoint is evil.
Concern 4: Control thru fear
Concern 5: Unity of hatred
Concern 6: Fanatics or charlatans.
Concern 7: Just let the love shine
Concern: 8 A justification for inequality.
Concern 9: Driving us all ass backwards.
Concern 10: We need to change course fast.
Concern 11: Perpetuating terror.
Concern 12: Threatened egotism

My Interest in Deism is explained here. 5 minute read

My preference for facts here. very short

Virginia asks the question about faith and I answer here. A comparison of Faith and Science can be found at the end of this article. very funny.

Weird Sly Kip June 2023

Forest fires in Northern Quebec burning out of control, the skies grey, the air filled with thick toxic smoke, all must stay indoors.