Of the North Sea

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My heritage is of the north sea. European history includes settlement on the European coast in the year 1,000 BC which includes the North American coast going back thousands of years. The people of the North Sea were violently pushed off North America. The Clovis people are of unknown origin, possibly as the Soutrean hypothesis suggests they were also from Europe. The point of course an entire continent will tend to be a multi-cultural place even thousands of years ago.

My fathers family: Mennonite history

You can find my fathers family history here. They were Russian Mennonites who migrated from Frisia to the Vistuala delta in what is now Poland, from there they went to the Ukraine, invited by Catherine the great. At the time of the Russian revolution they fled the Ukraine for the Canadian Praries. They were violently persecuted for the Anabaptist beliefs they held as Mennonites and experienced centuries of persecution by the Roman Catholic Church

My Mothers family: Huguenot History

My mothers family were Huguenot from France, they were also violently persecuted by the Roman Catholic church. Key events in Huguenot history include the following events

1533 – John Calvin flees Paris.
1550’s – Calvinism comes to France.
1559 – First Huguenot meetings in Paris.
1560 – Huguenots petition king to end persecution.
1562 – Massacre at Vassy begins the French religious wars
1565 – Huguenot massacre St. John, Florida by Pedro Menendez

Massacre at St. John, Florida by Pedro Menendez

1572 – Assassination attempt of Huguenot leader Coligny
1572 – St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre kills 100,000 Huguenots


1585 – Huguenots ordered expelled from France
1593 – Huguenot Henry IV converts to Catholicism to gain the throne
1598 – Edict of Nantes promises protection to Huguenots
1685 – Revocation of the Edict of Nantes leaves Huguenots defenseless; 400,000 flee

1562-1598 – Phillip II wages a brutal war against all Protestants causing waves of French Protestant refugees to flee into England—a Protestant refuge during this era 1565 – Norwich becomes a refuge of numerous French Protestants 1567-8 – More Protestant refugees from Netherlands and France build a church at Southampton and come to other Walloon places of settlement at London, Canterbury, Norwich, etc. 1572 -3 – A marked increase of French refugees due to revolts and massacres on the continent 1575 – Foundation of the French church at Canterbury

1720 -This is when my ancestors left France for Wales, from Wales to Lower Canada in 1720.

1740s – Protestant commercial activity at Québec

French Protestants, some of whom became involved in the Newfoundland fishery and Canadian fur trade,

You can find my mothers history here

Down Syndrome; My sisters Genocide

You can find my little sisters history here. She was taken from our family and died in a Canadian residential school.