Feminism 3

Third Wave Feminists

With the success of first and second wave feminism, a new generation of career feminists with university tenure, professional careers and high salaries emerged. These women had nothing in common with working class women juggling low paying jobs and family obligations. The rich ignore the working struggles of the majority, it is no different when the rich are rich women, whether they are rich white, black, brown or blue. The rich invariable see their success as their success and not of the larger community that they were apart of.

Equity hiring is controversial and can have unintended consequences. If you recently came to the country, if your race is not the dominant race, if you were hired because of race, every problem will be seen as a racial problem. Lacking any connectoin with the white feminist “base” where the majority of working women reside, being part of a new elite, being smart enough to know they cannot truly challenge the corporate kleptocracy that they are now a part of they have to create a new struggle, one that would be an effective political wedge issue that appeased the corporate rulers as those are the only issues that get thru the various corporate and academic media filters. For a further discussion on how Journalists are controlled go here. Its the same way academics are controlled. With money. No complicated conspiracy is needed. It is as they say the forest fighting for sunlight taking root in every tree, and so each individual creates a narrative that bolsters their case. Sometimes it recieves widespread support as in the case of 1st and 2nd feminism, sometimes it is seen as a narcisstic self serving farce as in 3rd and 4th wave feminism. Its pretty random.

The majority of the working poor are still white, but any attempt at justice in that realm would require a major rethinking of how our society operates so there is little corporate traction there. The alternative then is to pick new problems that are unlikely to be solved under the “make of it what you want” banner of “intersectionality, of racism, ageism, class-ism, abel-ism, and sexual orientation, the sexualized human body, gender-bending and leveling hierarchies…. This was not to be a hand-me-down from grandma…. The beauty of the fourth wave is that there is a place in it for all –together. [except whites] The academic and theoretical apparatus is extensive and well-honed in the academy, ready to support a new broad-based activism in the home, in the workplace, in the sphere of social media, and in the streets.”i

Or so the true believers think, but the roll back of their abortion rights suggests their strategy is off the mark and they do not represent any significant part of the body politic of women. Which is why I believe the divide and conquer traditional strategy has worked. The objective is to divide whites from the minorities, create conflict. You do this by joining all of the minorities under one banner “BIPOC” and play them off against the majority of whites. Inculcate a culture of guilt and shame for crimes that poor whites were just as much victims as anyone else in the lower classes and you have a perfect strategy for continued subjection of both whites and BIPOC.

The rise of the third wave is interesting in that it creates unity where none exists and yet skirt around the issues of overpopulation and taxation; issues the rich will not address as it would challenge its power and status. The attempt is to mould our minds around issues that will not detract from the ongoing affairs of politics or business.

Our social conduct and our ethical thinking is allowed to be shaped by academics so long as that thinking does not alter the class structures of our society. The feminist academics were absorbed by the establishment and with their understanding of mental processes and social patterns they have shaped the movement for their corporate benefactors. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”ii

With Third and Fourth wave feminism the issue is race quotas and redefining gender, as opposed to fundamental equality between the two sexes and justice. All white men are the problem, along with their “Karen” wives. It does not matter if “Karen” is underpaid, working as a server for less than minimum wage, she too is an oppressor. As stated earlier the corporate media loves a controversy that does not focus on the real underlying problems of overpopulation or tax laws that give the rich an unfair advantage so the third and fourth wave get attention in the corporate controlled mass medias in proportion to the absurdity of their claims. Gender is not real, no problem make it a headline. Race is not real, no problem fund a study. Blacks die of Covid more than whites, no fatties die more and more blacks are fatties, but in a world of body acceptance we will just call it a black issue. For more on the corporate interest in fat people go here

The new champions of the corporate sponsored third wave are the disadvantaged first generation immigrants who cannot “live the American dream” who by their presence keep wages low by most importantly working for low wages, the trans sexual, or the BIPOCiii anyone but white women and men who are struggling. These same privileged academically funded BIPOC women loudly use the call of white privilege to perpetuate their own positions of privilege.

To admit the successes of feminism would make “feminist studies” as irrelevant as studying the economic impact of weaving in the lives of spinsters of old. So they need to sustain a narrative of oppression. Tired old Marxist rhetoric is rehashed and re branded to a poor, victimized, audience. Victimized twice, once by being immigrated and a second time when they are used by career 3rd and 4th wave feminists.

The skill and communication savvy of 3rd wave feminists allows them to change the definition of violence from a physical blow to a man making an askance glance at a women. They can rewrite history and guilt others from a different time. The people who built the country and invited in the visible minorities are now the evil perpetrator of oppression. When violence is a metaphor and young men are thrown out of college for violating a safe space then the crazies are in control and freedom of expression for the majority dies.

When entrance to the colleges is not based on achievement and your continued success at college is not based upon your academic performance, when you are expelled for imagined wrongs instead of not handing in your assignments on time ( deadlines and marks are of course a social construct and a form of passive oppression and hegemony)iv

When that happens fascism is no longer one step away.


i List of issues for 4th wave feminists https://www.pacificu.edu/magazine/four-waves-feminism

iiWe are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. … In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons … who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928), p. 10 https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Mass_media

iiiDefine BIPOC: BIPOC means Black, Indigenous, People of Colour. Anyone but a white male or female.

It is a not very subtle dog whistle for Anti white hatred. The term is further clarified by using the term “systemic racial injustices”. This is another variation on Anti white rhetoric. The system being the system owned by the white population who must be overthrown. No distinction is made between rich white people and poor white people.

iv Passive oppression the reason for low test marks and poverty rather than the lack of hard work, overpopulation, unjust tax laws, laziness https://medium.com/identity-education-and-power/passive-oppression-in-education-fueling-the-achievement-gap-af637f8c3718 As they say “if the foe shits”