by weird sly kip

gratitude overwhelming gratitude
pain discomfort inconvenience all slip away
trauma lingers
smiling outside screaming inside
kindness received in the flesh
kindness received obligatory
so many did so much
nose bloodied eyes laughing
frustrated with lost
strength, breath, eyesight, hearing, stamina
insignificance and ignorance
exposed and exploited
frustrated that the day
before dialysis i did not know
before transplant i did not know
but death we have had a conversation
death it is not okay
death is real until i am not
being a burden being angry
being alone is not okay

Weird Sly Kip July 2022
Sitting in the Gazebo for so long the deer come out of the forest. On a hot sunny day after trying to work in the garden, but only able to sit motionless in the gazebo and stare off into space due to exhaustion.

I never would have seen the deer if I was not stupefied into motionlessness for so long. A kindness I suppose.

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