Mental Health
~Identity vs Character
~Thinkin about gender shit
~Pronoun Usage
~Critical Thinking vs Critical Theory
~Critical of Critical Theory
~Teaching Cis Genders in a Nudist Camp
~Vegetarian Remorse
~The Agrarian Standard
Being Fat
~ Hey Fatso
~The Hamburger Diet
~A treatise on the joys of Hamburgers
My Totally awesome Kidney Adventure
~Kidney Transplant (35+pages)
~Opps we did it again
Overcrowding / Overpopulation
~Start Here: Brace for Impact
~100 million no thanks
~Collapse Climate Change
~Destroying our Habitat
~Humans kill all
~Innovate Forever
~Malthus Population collapses
~Our Planets Capacity
~Canada as a vast strip 100 miles wide
~Population Action Plan

~Bread Recipe