Green Party of Ontario

In the early years of the Ontario Greens I was president of the Nepean constituency association and was the provincial policy coordinator. Don Fox was the CFO. Some happy snaps here. Some greenhouse magazines here here.

A short history of the Ontario Greens

When I set up a bulletin board system for the Green Party to share policy it and other activities of mine caught the attention of the RCMP and they came to my home and trashed the system. Not all history is in a text book.

The Waffle: an Independent Socialist Canada

The waffle was about an independent socialist Canada. It burned bright for a few years while I was in my teens and sparked my interest in politics at a young age. Sadly Socialism is now seen as an impractical, unhealthy, dirty, form of mind control, ironically the power of corporate propaganda is so powerful we can accept ideas that are in direct conflict with our own best interests things like the arms trade, the concentration of wealth, and the glorification of greed. Bertrand Russell noted one hundred years ago “Capitalism appeals to the sacred principle “The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate”.

Building a Sustainable Future: A handbook for the Green Party of Ontario

Shortly after the start of the first Gulf war I was working as a tool-designer in a defense factory in Bells Corners Ottawa Canada. I was called into my directors office and told to take down a poster that counted the number of bombing sorties coalition forces were inflicting on Iraq, I decided not to comply and left my job before lunch.

“Good Job, to bad everything we make kills people” quote from Rolly A, fellow tool designer on my first day on the job, everyone knew what we were making, fire control systems for tanks, but either were true believers or indifferent, not sure which is worse.

As I stated on my Paternity claim with U.I.C. “I got tired of making things that killed people”. For that and because it was not legal for men to get paternity benefits I was denied my claim.

I undertook 2 projects

1: Stay at home Dad with my youngest son. It was amazing the flack I took for that one. It involved suing the Canadian Government for paternity benefits, articles in Macleans Magazine and the Ottawa Citizen and an amazing insight into children, love and fascist, mindless government bureaucracies that really want you to make things that kill people.

2: Policy Coordinator for the Green Party. I worked on the following policy book for the Green Party of Ontario. Over a two year period we discussed policy issues at conferences, by mail, on an early BBS system I set up for the party. The whole document was ratified at the 1993 policy conference.

I still love the conservation village site plan, pulled it out of the document and it is available here

Part 1 of 3 of BASF includes a primer, written by Bill Darfler, definition of sustainability long advocated and written about by Mike Nickerson. It includes summaries of the values of the Green Party; Non Violence, Deep Ecology, Social Justice, Participatory Democracy, Spirituality and Feminism. The deep ecology work draws upon the writings of David Orton who was championed within the Green Party by Ian Whyte.

Part 2 of 3 was the result of many years of work by myself and others, the process involved input from members, discussion at chapters, resolutions at meetings, discussion, and finally acceptance but usually more discussion and then acceptance

It includes plan for a sustainability village which was the brain child of Susan Fisher that was actually built by the Ontario Provincial government in the Sandy Hill area of Ottawa.

Section 3 includes the constitution at the time, how to run a conference, the officials, the chapter contacts, a form for suggesting policy changes, how to give money, and closing remarks.

This is all historical stuff now, the Green Party of 2021 is very much different from the Green Party of 1993 and rightfully so. The old chapter based party was not a dream but an organizational navel gazing nightmare and I am proud to say I had something to do with its reorganization. Out with the old and in with the new.