Distracted Activists


Few activities are as useless as the organized temper tantrum. The “sacred right to protest” is enshrined only because of its complete and utter futility. Look at the power players on this planet, do you see them on the streets with protest signs? no. They are on capital hill “paying off the local bottom feeders” our elected representatives, learn from that success, “better-than-protesting” gives you a place to start,

Active or Effective?

To thine own self be true, what is motivating your activism, a vision of a better world I hope.

Understand the numbers

When looking at statistics about anything, vegetarianism to car crashes, to police shootings it is easy to get excited by relative statistics. You are 2x more likely to get “A” if you are, eat, drive, touch “B”. When you see those statistics ask for the absolute risk, relative risk tells you nothing other than the person spouting the numbers is trying to dramatize an otherwise mundane set of numbers.

The Big Distraction

I was educated to believe race did not exist, its just a minor variation in skin colour, so racism does not exist. Ignorance, stupidity, hatred all exist. Like almost anyone who has had contact with other cultures I have found hatred and kindness. You tend to find what you are looking for.

When I watch the current level of frenzy over race issues I see them as a tool of fascists to stir up hatred to justify martial law. At a deep level I am suspicious that BLM is a republican plot. All this is not to diminish the suffering of Slaves, Serfs, those who have lost their land, lives and dreams from the greed of others, its just I don’t think solving a “race” or gender issue will every end the class war we are engaged in.

The corporate media and politicians talks endlessly about racial issues, sure sign they are problems that if solved would not change the status quo.

When looking at statistics on police shootings, two numbers jump out at me; how few Women and Asians are shot by police. Why?