Mosquin Earth Manifesto

Comment from Earth Manifesto

“The goal is restoration of Earth’s diversity and beauty, with our prodigal species once again a cooperative, responsible, ethical member.”


Principles about earth Manifesto

P 1: The Ecosphere is the Center of Value for Humanity
P 2: The Earth’s Ecosystems Depends on Integrity
P 3: The Earth-centered Worldview is supported by Natural History
P 4: Ecocentric Ethics are awareness of our Place in Nature
P 5: Ecocentrism Values Diversity of Ecosystems and Cultures
P 6: Ecocentric Ethics Support Social Justice

P 7: Defend and Preserve Earth’s Creative Potential
P 8: Reduce Human Population Size
P 9: Reduce Human Consumption of Earth Parts
P 10: Promote Ecocentric Governance
P 11: Spread the Message

I am Weird Sly Kip and I like the Manifesto.

In regards to defeat, lost causes and terminal cancer … sometimes its best to say fuck it and leave for Colorado

“It was eerie, you’d walk out of the press room, through the lobby out of the elevators, into the bar… There’d be a huge crowd in the lobby and only one person talking and you’d hear this voice saying, ‘The mood at the McGovern headquarters… is extremely solemn and shocked… one of shock and depression… right now… Illinois has just fallen… California is gone, New York is gone…’ It was like a televised funeral… I was feeling depressed… … Stunned, wall-eyed… there was nothing to say… just a helluva shock… you know…a fantastic beating… People you’d never expect to break down… stumbled off the plane in tears… It was such a shock to me that although I’d gone back to Washington to analyze… I saw how ripped up people were… I decided to hell with this… So I just went right around to the main terminal and got on another plane and went back to Colorado.”

Fear and Loathing: on the Campaign Trail ’72 (1973)
Hunter S. Thompson