Original Sin

Christians Got it Right

Early Christian theologians were, if nothing else brilliant in sales and marketing. Consider the idea of original sin.

Born Again with Original sin

St Boniface meets an ignorant pagan Frisian King, he is there to convince the King that his people should be Christian. They were pagan, like all pagan tribes in what is now Europe and North America they ate each other, fought over grudge matches, stole and were generally ignorant savages with almost no redeeming qualities.

St Boniface: I bring immortal life,you just need to accept Christ.
King: What, I’m headed for vallhalla with my family
St Boniface: No your rotting in Hell! For eternity.
King: What! But I have done nothing wrong, just defended and fed my family.
St Boniface: Not enough, Christ died for your sins, you need to accept him.
King: Accept him, who is he? I have no sins.
St Boniface: You have original sin, Mary talked to a snake, ate from an apple, the very tree of knowledge and now you must atone for her sin, you were born into sin. There is no exit without Christ only he can save you from the problem I am telling you about for the first time.

Now the King unfortunately was unaware that he did not have to defend against someone else’s ridiculous ideas, it was beholden on St Boniface to prove there was original sin. Its not enough to just to make ridiculous claims. But the point is to a simple minded savage who has no formal rhetorical training its was, apparently pretty convincing.

Woke with Original Sin

Today Social architects have picked up on chrisitanity’s fundamental message and are using it to shape the minds of a new generatsion.

The argument goes like this:
BLM: You are responsible for slavery and shootings of black due to your white privilege and the historical injustice against blacks
White guy: Hmmm, okay but my parents were indentured serfs
BLM: You ignnorant racist you dont see the suffereing you are perpetuating against us
White Guy: Who?
BLM: Blacks you racist bastard?
White Guy: But we banned slavery before Britian, never had slavery in Canada, it was banned a hundred years before Canada was formed and the slaves that came up with the United Empire Loyalsist were freed, many bought and let go before the legislative changes could be made
BLM: Argghhh I can’t believe you are so ignnorant, dont you know of the secret and hidden history of racism and slavery before Confederation
White Guy: You mean the Iriquois and how they tortured and killed and enslaved the Huron, or the Salish how they enslaved…..
BLM: You are so ignorant, you cant just wash over my rage with facts, you are white and you are guilty of crimes of your forefathers, even if they did not commit the crimes, its your collective responsibility. In fact if a black man hits an Asian, its your fault.