Brief Overview

2015 my kidneys failed; 3 years of dialysis, 7 surgeries, plus a transplant, the trials and tribulations of anti-rejection drugs and post transplant EBV. 6 years later and I still have a few hurdles to overcome. Looking back its amazing I am alive, its not for lack of epic failures and epic saves, but I am still here. This is todays status and the long sorted story in 5 parts plus harmonies.

My totally awesome kidney adventure

Part 1

This short PDF describes PKD and my family history. It looks at the progress in treatment over 5 generations. 6 pages

Part 2

This article is about my life after diagnosis of kidney failure, thru to a kidney transplant. In his article I look at the experience of dialysis, the problems it entailed, and challenges. It was a blast, it kept me alive one day at a time, one day focused on dialysis, one day of life. This lasted until I could have a transplant which was 3 years after diagnosis. A quickwait time compared to some. 15 pages

Part 3

This is part 3 of my totally awesome Kidney adventure. This article covers the prep for, qualification for, and the actual transplant. 16 pages

Part 4

This is the fourth part of the story it involves mostly the fine tuning of drugs, the flareup of EBVfrom the EBV serology mismatch, a big mistake affecting perhaps 5% of transplants, starting to work again and the start of Covid.

Part 5 Yearly Updates

Status Report April 2021

Status Report July 2022

Quagmire can be found here


[Orphan] EBV Primer

This is a brief summary of EBV serology some opinions and the backup from peer reviewed papers.