Pronoun usage


The use of “Him” or “He” should be avoided. You are subservient to my ego because I am special.

Preferred Pronouns

My preferred pronouns are Thee and Thou. I care less about the formal grammatical usage so long as solemn reverence is used and my ego is stroked. Using pronouns is how you submit to my identity.

Thee: You should always address me with the appellate “Thee”, for example in a restaurant, “does thee require more water“, or in bed, “would thee like more or is thee satiated?”

Thou: I will always refer to those around me as Thou, for example “Thou are a sorry lump of confused excrement“, or “Thou should take it down a thousand, you are causing brain damage.”

My truth: “I am the sum total of the trauma of my distant relatives; the intersectionality of which defines my pain. For this I seek financial recourse as money heals all. It is my identity so you could not possibly understand without doing the work. I am unique in my collective suffering and eschew white imperialist dogma. My shaman spirit directs me to hate all racism and white people who are the root of all evil. Namaste”

Non Compliance

Not complying with my pronoun requirements will lead to a number of negatives including; Sissy fits, stomping of feet, crying and endless discussions about my very real pain as a “person of royalty“. Civil penalties and punitive damages could result for emotional distress of not referring to me in my own delusional, narcissistic, self centered, farcical, preferred pronoun usage.

All Hail
Weird Sly Kip
More on Gender Shit
December 2021


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