Chapter 5 Quagmire

  1. General Quagmire
    1. Weight 15kg+ / Blood Pressure 135/65/
    2. Shortness of breath / Edema in legs [-]
    3. Heart Attack symptoms [-]
    4. Cramping, hands, legs [-]
    5. Vivid dreams, auditory hallucinations [-]
    6. Declining hearing / eyesight [+]
    7. Going to live forever strategy
    8. Endurance: Can “work” 4 hours one day, light handyman, baking, woodworking maybe 2 days in row then need a day of rest / sleep
  2. Pill Count
    1. 12 different drug, Adagraf, Prednisone (anti rejection), Vitamin D, Sodium Bicarb (acidosis), B12, Septra (antibiotic), Bisoprolol, Amlodopine, (Blood Pressure) Coversyl (Protein in Urine), Warfarin (blood thinner), Statin (cholesterol)
  3. The Kidneys: Poly-cystic Kidney diseased
    1. Pain / awareness of old kidneys
    2. Possible rupture, sepsis, death, possible cysts in brain, liver
    3. Multiple cyst size over 1 inch; football size kidney?
  4. The “Exceptional” Kidney Post Transplant
    1. GFI <24, dialysis at 15, death at 10
    2. Protein in Urine
    3. Metabolic Acidosis
  5. Epstien Barr Virus
    1. EBV active viremia, checked montly
    2. Active viremia precludes transplant; dialysis tolerable if transplant future exists
    3. above 10,000 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, 1/11 from 1/400.
    4. Anger at stupidity of advice given by doctors at decision time 1/100 chance / treat-ability “no problem”
  6. Pulmonary Embolism
    1. Deep Vein Thrombosis, fear another vaccine as time-line was suspicious Covid wise
    2. Untreated Pulmonary hypertension, GFI precludes appropriate testing for diagnosis
    3. From 2 studies to 4 pages in 6 months link Covid vaccine to PE/DVT
  7. Eyesight
    1. Cataracts both eyes, minor surgery
    2. Macula puckering left eye, Vitrectomy surgery with epiretinal membrane peeling, major eye surgery.
    3. Fuchs’ Dystrophy, Cornea Transplant just a quick pop and its done.
  8. Psychological
    1. Occasionally depressed, frustrated
    2. Deep seated dubiety in nephrology department process and procedures
    3. Scars from transplant experience, Trust / pain reflex / process knowledge
  9. Dialysis
    1. Considering participating vs no further intervention.
    2. Viable in another transplant forthcoming, if I can handle the stress, if I do not die before, if i can face it again, if I can bear accepting a donation from another.
    3. If only for dialysis lifestlye then may not be reasonable.

Last Update August 2022