1. Pill Count 10
    1. Adagraf,
    2. Prednisone (anti rejection),
    3. Vitamin D,
    4. Sodium Bicarb (acidosis),
    5. B12,
    6. Septra (antibiotic),
    7. Bisoprolol,
    8. Amlodopine, (Blood Pressure)
    9. Coversyl (Protein in Urine),
    10. Warfarin (blood thinner),
  2. Old Kidneys: Poly-cystic Kidney diseased
    1. Pain / awareness of old kidneys
    2. Possible rupture, sepsis, death, possible cysts in brain, liver
    3. Multiple cyst size over 1 inch; football size kidney?
  3. The “Exceptional” Kidney Post Transplant
    1. GFI <24, dialysis at 15, death at 10
    2. Protein in Urine
    3. Metabolic Acidosis
  4. Epstien Barr Virus
    1. Virus from transplanted kidney
    2. EBV active viremia, checked montly
    3. Fatigue, increase cancer risk
    4. Advice given by doctors at decision time 1/100 chance / treat-ability “no problem” was either a lie or ignorance.
  5. Pulmonary Embolism
    1. Deep Vein Thrombosis, within 24 hours of third covid shot
    2. From 2 studies to 4 pages in 6 months link Covid vaccine to PE/DVT
  6. Eyesight
    1. Cataracts both eyes, minor surgery but worsened if Macular pcukering not treated.
    2. Macular puckering left eye, Vitrectomy surgery with epiretinal membrane peeling, major eye surgery.
    3. Fuchs’ Dystrophy, Cornea Transplant needed.
  7. Psychological
    1. Grateful for help to date.
    2. Dubiety in nephrology department process and procedures
    3. Anger at my own lack of understanding of what an exceptional kidney was
    4. Anger at nephrology and the Potemkin village they create around EBV and thier abilities to manage it.
  8. Roads Not taken
    • Statin (cholesterol): In 100 treatments they eliminate 5 heart attacks and strokes and create 1 case of diabetes. I do not want diabetes.
    • CPAP machines: (Sleep Apnea): Working on weight instead

Last Update March 2023