Questions about the transplant

1: What is my Blood type?

Type %

1 O+ 42%
2 A+ 31%
3 B+ 15%
4 AB+ 5%
5 O- 3%
6 A- 2.50%
7 B- 1%
8 AB- 0.50%

2: I have been told I am no longer eligible for a transplant because my EBV is active. Is that true?

3: I have also been told I will be eligible for anothe transplant. Is that true?

4: If I had a live donor could I have a preemptive transplant before total failure of my transplanted kidney?

5: Should the kidney fail, and I were able to do dialysis, I would then be off anti rejection drugs T/F? At that point is it reasonable to expect the EBV levels would diminish to allow a transplant?