Embracing servitude to ideological deities is a form of superstitious nonsense. When identity supersedes character you are ripe for superstition. Today’s superstitions:
~Critical Theory rooted in Marxism
~Political Correctness rooted in Stalinist politics, for a person who was politically correct could exterminate the Kulaks.
~My truth, you could not understand unless you share the inter sectional pain of my grandparents
~My identity explains my suffering and the irrationality of my behavior.
For us to see the world as it really is, and not as we wish it to be we need to look past ideological authorities and thier superstitions.

Superstitio is not a nice word in Latin. Pagan Roman critics labelled Christianity superstitio. Unlike other Latin words, as sometimes happened once the language ceased to be a spoken one, superstitio did not change its meaning. It remained shorthand for bonkers religious nonsense with emotionally incontinent roots.

Summarized from Essay December 27, 2023 Dissolve the Universities? Helen Dale

Today the “bonkers superstitious” do not turn up trying to sell a piece of the True Cross or the shroud of Turin but they may as well have. They believe counter productive things. Things like Diversity, Equity and Inclusion over Competence and Merit. They have stopped believing in Facts. Unclear on what the truth is, they have their own truth.
Helen Dale in her essay on the lack of free speech and the crime of political correctness in the modern University sums the situation up as follows:

Much of what is passed off as progressive is “vacuous nonsense, rooted in emotionally incontinent wibble…adopting a tendentious definition of racism that blinds people to injustices against any group seen as dominant. Divide the world into simplistic categories of oppressors and oppressed, of whites and people of colour, of colonizers and colonized. Concludes that discrimination is justified on behalf of the marginalized. Thinks “my truth” can be substituted for “the truth.”

Worse, much of the worst drivel was developed by female and minority authors who, sadly, have been praised far above and beyond their actual talent by people who should have know better in often mortifying cases of head-patting and humoring.

This, in case it isn’t obvious, does not help women or minorities.

Summarized from Essay December 27, 2023 Dissolve the Universities? Helen Dale

As in the past when the substantive content of superstitio in the middle ages was fake relics, fake miracles and pointless pilgrimages designed to empty credulous people’s pockets, today we still struggle with the same levels of ignorance and stupidity.

Forgetting your dignity and throwing yourself into the servitude of ideological deities is a form of superstitious nonsense. The exaggerated rituals of equity are an adherence to fashion, an abuse by charlatans.

Being terrified of the unknown, of the cold reality of our existence leads to myths of comfort. When a society falls for those myths, and they fail to recognize the superstitious nature of those beliefs, the society does not prosper. Like any society that builds itself by submitting obediently to the prophecies of sacred books a politically correct society will fail.

Adapted from the Oxford classic dictionary entry on superstitio. edited by Weird Sly Kip January 2024