The Clover anarchist

The clover anarchist stand with the clover

walk the streets with a dog any dog will do
in the dark be discrete toss a bit here and a bit there
Protector of the turf could incite violence imagine fighting over a flower no one could be that tightly wound you are that tightly wound

my bag full I flick the seed here and there
my act goes un noticed for exactly 12 days
with moisture and 68 degrees F 20 degrees C
spread of the white clover or
red clover and
arrowleaf clover plus
Barseem clover a bit of
rose clover and a dab of
Subterranean Clover

shatter the dreams of the rake the fertilizer the seed obsessed
i need you to envy my perfect clover free lawn no flowers no bugs i have it all under control love my blandness ignorance scream for help
you are that ignorant monotonous uninspired purveyor of front yard perfection while your soul composts and your body devours itself with a cancerous growth that feeds on the possessions you spew

Violation of your space no as you violate space with your poisons smuggled from a hardware in water town a trivial violation i declare organic independence and leniently love clover

you disdain clover argue with the bees they love the clover argue with the grass they love clovers nitrogen conjured from the air and lovingly finding a place beside the roots of the grass you argue with your grass is it ignorance do you not know not care

spread clover it has no meaning no purpose no hopes no plan no vision just like that uninspired piece of turf that you will torture to rid it of that damn clover that keeps coming back better buy something

one day you might get tired of fighting the clover maybe not till then this is a test of wills i can do this forever knowing the clover is right the bees are right i stand with the clover.