The Hamburger diet

I love sandwiches which includes hamburgers, perhaps I should have called it the sandwich diet. I wanted to eat 1500-1700 calories a day; a sandwich is about 400 calories. Sticking to a diet of things you do not enjoy is not going to work.

2 pieces toast150300300
coffee black1010
Lunch1 Sandwich rotation150150
1 Bun150150
Bowl of Seasonal Fruit1 cup100100
1 Candy150
Dinner1 Sandwich rotation1/4 lb150150
1 Bun150150
Carrots, Cauliflower, Brocolli2 cups100100
1 candy1515

Notes on the food

1: The bread I make myself, a recipe here .

2: The Sandwich rotation is a random and chaotic combination of the following sandwiches, allot depends on mood and availability.

a 1/4lb beef patty, grass fed 4% fat, (150 calories) sometimes a patty from my butcher at 15% fat (308 calories)
Chicken burgera quarter chicken breast, also prepared by my butcher, he runs it though a tenderizer and it is delicious. None of those soy amalgamation deep fried in a box frozen in the supermarket freezer aisle. I buy them a dozen and cook them a dozen at a time and freeze for easy nuking.
Tempeh BurgerA carry over from my lost vegetarian youth, I still like the nutty flavour of tempeh. Noble bean Tempeh The problem of course with any soy product is that it is a Phytoestrogens, a natural plant compounds abundantly found in soy and soy products, behave as weak estrogen mimics or as antiestrogens
Surf and turf burgerI cook a few shrimp and top my beef burger with shrimp, surf and turf, shrimp is so low in calories, less calories than ketchup!
Egg SaladAn egg some low fat mayo, a bit of diced onion and pickle a toasted bun and pure heaven.
Salmon SaladSame as above, fresh salmon cooked then chopped on with some lettuce
Pulled pork/beefMake it in the slow cooker 6 or 8 lbs at a time. Little effort lots of flavour.
Shrimp salad6 jumbo shrimp, on the BBQ, then chopped up, 1 tsp of fat free mayo to hold it together, some gherkins thrown into the mix and it does not get any better.
Smoked meatI know its a sin, but with a slice of cheese, some mustard and a hundred grams of pastrami I am in heaven for a few minutes.

3: Veggies are boiled with no butter or salt. Eat as much as you want.

4: Fruit is some combination of blueberries, strawberries, cherries and grapes whatever is in season, 1 or 2 cups makes no difference.

5: Cheese is whatever cheese we have around, sometimes low fat, sometimes aged cheddar, if I want to loose more faster, this is the first to go along with most of the condiments.

6: At 15 calories the candy satisfies my sweet tooth and tells me, “that will do” time to stop eating.

7: Sugar is restricted, nothing with icing is a good start. No fried foods, no alcohol.

8: Do not eat out, on the run, or after 6pm. Timing is important, eat from 8am to 5pm only, no eating or snacking after dinner to bedtime.

That is the hamburger diet, its pretty easy and enjoyable and it seems to work down to about 104kg. My weight is down, my cholesterol is down, all the veggies and fruit makes me feel full. The sandwiches tasty.

9: From 104 to 100kg required to elimination of one burger a day from 2 to 1 and replacing that sandwich with more fruit and a half sandwich.