Why Vegetarian Regrets

A Hard Life Lesson

Life is about learning and we learned about vegetarianism by practicing it for 25 years. During that time we ate no flesh, nothing with a face on it. Sadly our health suffered due a vegetarian diet. The following PDF outlines why we became vegetarians, and why we stopped.

Understanding Agriculture

While vegetarians we established a small homestead where we tried to grow our own food. As our understanding of agriculture grew we learned first hand how impractical ideas like vegetarianism are. The lesson learned was that an agri-culture was key to our survival on this planet. The writings of Wendell Berry best outlines the concept. The article below “The Agrarian Standard” is worth reading and reflecting upon and most importantly acting upon.

Our Post Vegetarian Farm

Our farm only became able to support us when we started to keep cattle. A cow on a pasture is an integral part of our resilience as a species. The closer you get to animals, the more involved you are in the process, the more you will understand the significance of your own life and your place.

An understanding of grass land ecology and its role in our presence on this planet supersedes the urban rhetoric. Cattle, horses and dogs are part of what makes us human, if we cannot exist on that level we cease to fully exist.

The four noble vegan truths

The world of food is full of problems and the biggest problem is you. Your footprint. Not the cows. The cow does not drive a car, heat a house, he just eats grass you can not eat and lives, in ecological harmony with a giant carbon sink, the grassland that is his home. You could learn from the cow.