I always vote……

….but never for a specific party from one election to the next.

My suspicions of a criminal conspiracy prevents me from supporting any one specific party. Having watched the Green Party being infiltrated with Lawyers it was interesting to watch a truly democratic party (1995) turn into a career path in (2020). That sad process happened to the big parties 150 years ago and is at the heart of my reluctance to vote for them. I choose the dreamers, philosophers and legitimate scallywags.

If you are trying not to pay attention, and their are legitimate reasons to be that way, you may not have noticed the body of evidence showing the rich have gotten richer and the middle class has dwindled in the same proportion as the number of poor and homeless had increased.

A few reasons why this is happening:

1: Democratic institutions created “for the common good” are being replaced with an ideology of aristocratic government, run by the rich for the exclusive benefit of the rich.

2: We are continually duped and misled. The role of Monitored and Manipulative media cannot be understated.

3: Parties that are labelled Conservative and Liberal demonstrate Fascist and corporatism tendencies respectively. The NDP is a party of corporatism and like the Greens so mixed up and distracted over identity politics that they are irrelevant.

4: In politics money talks and corporations are people. This is one of the fundamental problems we face.

5: When it was realized that a Party of The Rich and a Party of The Non-Rich would always result in the party of the NON-Rich winning, both parties were taken over by monied individuals. Funny thing is neither admit to voters their belief that the wealthy should rule unconditionally. Conservatives and Liberals just continually lied about their actual beliefs. Rather than a vision of a better future we get increasingly fearful, vicious, and hateful messages and a manipulation of the religious faithful, – the latter treated with so much contempt that they are called the “crazies” inside the parties. Political Vision is reduced to “limited government,” “pro-life,” “balanced budget,” “family values,” “job creators,” which exist only to attract votes from those who would object to the true aim: power of, for, and by the upper classes.

6: The goal is to subvert democracy by any methods. “Deconstructing the administrative state” is the term used by the power-seeking criminals who surround those who run for office.

The solution is outlined in “Better than Protesting” on this site.

In one short word, involved, the rich are playing the game, you need to become involved.